Her (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Arcade Fire
Credited Songs 14 Songs
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Views 3624 (May), 168654 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Off You    The Breeders
0:06 First song as Theodore arrives home. He plays his interactive game.   
When You Know You're Gonna Die    Arcade Fire
0:07 Instrumental, flashback to Theodore and Catherine.   
Supersymmetry    2 Arcade Fire
0:10 Instrumental version when Theodore and his OS Samantha go out together. Again during the end credits.   
Cleopatra in New York (Zim Zam Mix)    Nickodemus
0:33 Theodore goes on the blind date. This song plays at the restaurant.   
I'm so Glad    Entrance
0:46 Theodore takes Samantha on a Sunday adventure. She plays this song for him as they travel on the train.   
Need Your Love So Bad    Little Willie John
1:16 Song is playing in Theodore's apartment when the Surrogate date arrives.   
Sure Of Love    The Chantels
1:18 Second song with the Surrogate date. She sits on him and makes her touch his body.   
The Moon Song    Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix
1:38 Theodore and Samantha sing this with each other in the cabin.   
The Moon Song    1 Karen O
2:00 First song in end credits. Supersymmetry plays for the second time after this.   
Alien Child    Will Collins
Magnesium    N.A.S.A.
Racing Turtles    Barrie Gledden, Tim Reilly and Jason Pedder
8 Bit Disco No. 3    Philip Guyler
Dimensions    Arcade Fire

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Questions (2) Ask Question

Lucie_Langrée level 1 | 2 months ago
What is the music when Samantha and Theodore have sex for the first Tim ?

Gloria_Gergen level 1 | 1 year ago
Where are the piano songs that in the movie Samantha made for Theodore to represent a picture of them and moment in their lives? Anyone know where I could get them?
Jason_Both level 1 | 11 months ago