• Grudge Match Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 25th 2013
  • Composer Trevor Rabin
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Complete List of Songs

Last song in movie LAST SONG IN MOVIE
Blending Soul
0:01 First song during the narration of Razors and The Kids rivalry.
0:02 Opening credits. Razor (Stallone) walks into his job at the factory.
I'm Still In Need (feat. Percy Wiggins)
0:07 Razor leaves the retirement home after seeing his dad. Dante is waiting outside his house.
Hard to Handle
0:11 Razor says yes to the video game. Razor walks out in his green costume.
20th Century Boy
0:14 The fight video goes viral.
What You Twerkin' Wit'
0:18 Dante is listening to this in his car when Razor calls him to say he'll do the fight.
Here I Come
0:19 Dante arrives to the fight conference in his new yellow Porsche.
Danke Schoen
0:22 Razor and Kid get their medicals at the hospital.
0:27 The Kid arrives at the gym to look for a trainer. Again in end credits.
You Better Watch That Jive
0:30 The kid goes to lunch with his son. Song plays in the diner.
The Star Spangled Banner
0:33 Razor and Kid attempt to sing the national anthem at the monster trucks.
0:35 Razor starts his training with his father. He drinks raw eggs to start. Again in end credits.
0:44 Razor trains by pool punching weights under water. Montage as they both start training.
0:47 They continue to train. They both do skydiving.
Gone, Gone, Gone
0:59 Razor gets ready for his date with Sally.
A Smile Can't Hide (A Broken Heart)
1:13 Kids grandson tries to find him in the bar.
Winter Wonderland
1:17 Kid drinks at the bar on his own when he gets a call from Dante.
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
1:20 Song as the diner as Razor talks to the waiter.
How You Like Me Now
1:24 Montage as they finish their training. Razor pulls a truck.
1:29 Song as Kid and Razor get ready to walk out for their fight.
I'm Shipping Up to Boston
1:30 Billy the Kid walks out to this music.
Back In Black
1:30 Razor walks out to this song.
What Makes A Good Man?
1:38 Song plays during their main event fight.
Walk at Night
When My Baby Went Away
Once In a Lifetime

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