About Time (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Nick Laird-Clowes
Official Soundtrack 16 Songs
Credited Songs 24 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

The Luckiest Song Available on Rdio Ben Folds
0:01 First instrumental song as Tim talks of his family.
All the Things She Said 1 t.A.T.u.
0:02 Song at the New Years Eve party.
Push the Button Sugababes
0:03 Second song at the New Years party.
Mr. Brightside Song Available on Rdio The Killers
0:03 Third song at the party.
I Will Always Love You Andrea Grant
0:04 Fourth song when he turns down his New Years kiss.
At the River Song Available on Rdio 1 Groove Armada
0:10 Tim meets Charlotte during the summer.
Lullaby Etna
0:22 Dinner music during their first date in the dark.
Mid Air Paul Buchanan
0:25 After their blind date. Mary follows her friend down the street. Tim walks home happy.
What's Your Flava? Song Available on Rdio Craig David
0:31 Song after the play. Tim realizes Mary is gone from his phone.
Friday I'm In Love Song Available on Rdio 1 The Cure
0:33 Tim goes to the Kate Moss exhibition to try and run into Mary.
Dilemma Song Available on Rdio Nelly
0:40 First song at the party that Tim travels back to meet Mary before her other boyfriend can.
How Long Will I Love You Song Available on Rdio Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman
0:50 Song the band play at the train station.
I Will Always Love You Barbar Gough
0:55 Live song at the theatre. Tim works up the courage to go and talk to his ex, Charlotte.
When I Fall In Love Song Available on Rdio Barbar Gough, Sagat Guirey, Andy Hamill & Tim Herniman
1:02 Tim asks Mary to marry him.
Il Mondo Jimmy Fontana
1:09 Song as Mary walks down the aisle at their wedding.
Back to Black Song Available on Rdio Amy Winehouse
1:15 Tims aunt asks for Harry autograph at the wedding.
Lived In Bars Song Available on Rdio 1 Cat Power
1:15 Kit Kat talks to her uncle at the wedding about boys.
Spiegel im Spiegel: 2 Alexander Malter & Dietmar Schwalke
1:16 Song as the wedding dies down. Mary and Tim have their child.
Gold In Them Hills Song Available on Rdio Ron Sexsmith
1:41 Tim relives the same day over again, this time using his dads secret to happiness.
Into My Arms Song Available on Rdio Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
1:44 Song plays the day of Tims dad funeral.
How Long Will I Love You Song Available on Rdio Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman
1:54 Last song as Tim gets the children ready for school.
Foolish Song Available on Rdio Ashanti
Petardu Song Available on Rdio Delorentos
Green Heart Christoph Bauschinger


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