• In a World... Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 9th 2013
  • Composer Ryan Miller
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Complete List of Songs

Yegelle Tezeta
0:02 First song; background music during opening credits and interviews.
Out of Touch
0:31 Sam drives off in his car to the party at Gustavs.
Give It to Me Baby
0:32 First song at Gustavs party.
0:36 Song at the party as people start dancing.
Right Down the Line
1:06 Moe plays this song for Dani for his sandwich bar dinner.
Get a Move On
1:10 Gustav, Sam and Carol wake up for their audition day. Song plays as they warm up their voices with exercises.
1:15 Carol and Louis sing Karaoke.
It Was a Good Day
1:15 Second song they sing as they Karaoke.
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
1:16 Third song they sing during Karaoke. Again in end credits.
Cloud Rider
Greazee, Pts. 1 & 2
Little Princess
Children's Story
Mädchenlied, Op. 85, No. 3
Word Up!
Brother F Ups

Official Soundtrack

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