Short Term 12 (2013) Soundtrack 

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After Party Keith "Sweaty" Milgaten & Keith Stanfield
0:06 First song as Grace (Brie Larson) walks the hall with the water pistol. Again in end credits.
Maybe, Baby Song Available on Rdio The Shivers
0:17 Grace and Mason sit on the couch drawing pictures of each other.
Cielito Lindo Song Available on Rdio Mariachi Bandido
1:02 Jumping castle scene. They all dance at the party.
Vicious Keith "Sweaty" Milgaten & Keith Stanfield
1:12 Song playing from Marcus's room. She finds him bloodied in Luis room.
Brushbloom Glow Song Available on Rdio The Tree Ring
1:32 They chase the kid at the end of the movie, plays into end credits.
Paper and Concrete Song Available on Rdio Canines
Wild Again Song Available on Rdio Canines
This is Why Your Not Justchris Beats


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