Adore (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Christopher Gordon
Official Soundtrack 18 Songs
Credited Songs 9 Songs
Contributor gatorfan652 level 1
Views 887 (May), 12074 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

In These Shoes?    1 Kirsty MacColl
0:55 The boys chase down the mothers on the beach. They all lie on the pontoon.   
Turn It Up (feat. Lyrics Born)    The Bamboos
1:05 Song as they drink at the bar. An older man buys Lil a drink at the bar.   
Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries    Jessica Tovey
1:08 Song Mary is singing at the play.   
Calisthenics    1 Jacqui Hunt
1:13 Song at the Tom's birthday party. Mary is dancing with Tom when Lil arrives.   
Hearts On Fire    1 Cut Copy
1:15 Second song at the party.   
Relax    Frankie Goes To Hollywood
1:20 Roz watches Ian dance with a girl at the wedding.   
Two Hearts    Kish Mauve
1:22 Second song at the wedding. Ian talks to Roz before taking a different girl home.   
The Haunted Ocean, Pt. 1    Max Richter
Beautiful Trash (feat. Megan Washington)    Lanu


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