• Delivery Man Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 22nd 2013
  • Composer Jon Brion
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Complete List of Songs

First song during opening credits.
0:16 After he opens the envelope, David goes to the basketball to watch his son.
Wonderful, Glorious
0:35 Montage as David starts visiting all his children.
Love to Get Used
0:45 David follows around his son and follows him into the starbuck gathering.
Strike It Up
0:57 David takes Viggo to his basketball training.
100 Other Lovers
1:00 David joins all of children for the weekend camp away.
Little Hands
1:38 Song as David meets all his children at the hospital.
Light of Love
1:40 End credits song.
Into the Pool
The Ghost of the Violin
Real Real Gone

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