The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) Soundtrack 

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Official Soundtrack 32 Songs
Credited Songs 9 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Blunt the Knives The Dwarf Cast
All the dwarves sing the song while cleaning up and toss plates.
Misty Mountains The Dwarf Cast & Richard Armitage
Thorin and Company sing the song at the fireplace.
The Valley of Imladris Howard Shore
Torture Song Barry Humphries
The Goblin King sings and holds the Company captive inside Goblin Town..
Song of the Lonely Mountain Neil Finn
End credits.
Flaming Red Hair David Donaldson, David Long, Steve Roche and Janet
Dreaming of Bag End Howard Shore
Man in the Moon James Nesbitt
Goblin-Town Barry Humphries


1 My Dear Frodo Howard Shore
2 Old Friends Howard Shore
3 An Unexpected Party Howard Shore
4 Blunt the Knives The Dwarf Cast
5 Axe or Sword? Howard Shore
6 Misty Mountains The Dwarf Cast & Richard Armitage
7 The Adventure Begins Howard Shore
8 The World Is Ahead Howard Shore
9 An Ancient Enemy Howard Shore
10 Radagast the Brown Howard Shore
11 The Trollshaws Howard Shore
12 Roast Mutton Howard Shore
13 A Troll-Hoard Howard Shore
14 The Hill of Sorcery Howard Shore
15 Warg-Scouts Howard Shore
16 The Hidden Valley Howard Shore
17 Moon Runes Howard Shore
18 The Defiler Howard Shore
19 The White Council Howard Shore
20 Over Hill Howard Shore
21 A Thunder Battle Howard Shore
22 Under Hill Howard Shore
23 Riddles In the Dark Howard Shore
24 Brass Buttons Howard Shore
25 Out of the Frying-Pan Howard Shore
26 A Good Omen Howard Shore
27 Song of the Lonely Mountain Neil Finn
28 Dreaming of Bag End Howard Shore
29 A Very Respectable Hobbit Howard Shore
30 Erebor Howard Shore
31 The Dwarf Lords Howard Shore
32 The Edge of the Wild Howard Shore
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