The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug (2013) Soundtrack 

Original Music Howard Shore
Official Soundtrack 29 Songs
Credited Songs 2 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

I See Fire    Ed Sheeran
2:30 End credits.   
Trumpet Fanfare    David Donaldson, David Long, Steve Roche & Janet R
Played as Bilbo and several members in the company leave Lake-town.


1 The Quest for Erebor Howard Shore
2 Wilderland Howard Shore
3 A Necromancer Howard Shore
4 The House of Beorn Howard Shore
5 Mirkwood Howard Shore
6 Flies and Spiders Howard Shore
7 The Woodland Realm Howard Shore
8 Feast of Starlight Howard Shore
9 Barrels Out of Bond Howard Shore
10 The Forest River Howard Shore
11 Bard, a Man of Lake-Town Howard Shore
12 The High Fells Howard Shore
13 The Nature of Evil Howard Shore
14 Protector of the Common Folk Howard Shore
15 Thrice Welcome Howard Shore
16 Girion, Lord of Dale Howard Shore
17 Durin's Folk Howard Shore
18 In the Shadow of the Mountain Howard Shore
19 A Spell of Concealment Howard Shore
20 On the Doorstep Howard Shore
21 The Courage of Hobbits Howard Shore
22 Inside Information Howard Shore
23 Kingsfoil Howard Shore
24 A Liar and a Thief Howard Shore
25 The Hunters Howard Shore
26 Smaug Howard Shore
27 My Armor Is Iron Howard Shore
28 I See Fire Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Ed Sheeran
29 Beyond the Forest Howard Shore
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