• Divergent Soundtrack

  • Film Release Mar 21st 2014
  • Composer Junkie XL
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Complete List of Songs

0:07 Tris watches as dauntless jumps off the train and run into the building.
0:15 Song as the day comes for Tris to choose her virtue.
0:17 during the ceremony of choice.
Run Boy Run
0:22 The dauntless crew run for the train after the ceremony.
Dream Machines
0:30 The new Dauntless arrivals walk into the pit for the first time and sit down for food.
0:39 Song when they walk in to get tattoos.
0:40 cuando tris decide entrenar duro. instrumental version.
Lost and Found
0:49 after throwing knives, when everyone congratulated for having defied tris Erick.
I Need You
1:02 After they win capture the flag. Tris takes the flying fox through the city.
Dead In the Water
1:35 Song when Tris and Four kiss.
Beating Heart
2:09 End of the movie, plays into end credits.
Find You (feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant)
2:11 Second song during end credits.
I Won't Let You Go
2:13 Third song during end credits.
Endless Falls
Backwards (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
In Distress (feat. Gesaffelstein)
Waiting Game
Tris speaks with Tori and then goes to visit his brother in erudition. (instrumental version)

Official Soundtrack

Divergent Official Soundtrack
Divergent Official Soundtrack

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Questions (12)

  • issida013 1 year ago
    What is the name of music track in scene when Tris gets attacked by Al and others?
  • Tomasz_Kowalczyk 2 years ago
    Do You know the title of song when Beatrice was going with family just before choose fraction?
    bollincheyenne69 2 years ago
    Holding on by Ellie Goulding.
    Jess0201 1 year ago
    Hanging on by Ellie Goulding
  • ScoreMusicMan 2 years ago
    There are so many tracks missing from the Divergent score. I did a complete score (comparing the movie to the soundtrack and score to see if any on the songs listed were in the movie) A couple of tracks from the score (about 5) weren't in the movie at all and 2 songs from the soundtrack weren't in the movie too (I'm not sure where Fight For You is in the movie, even though it is stated in the credits)
  • Ikram_Maalej 2 years ago
    Does Anyone know what song is playing in te beginning of the movie? it's like a symphony...
    ScoreMusicMan 2 years ago
    The song you are looking for is a part of the score by Junkie XL. It's called Tris (feat. Ellie Goulding)
  • hg_divergentlover 2 years ago
    Does anyone know what song is playing when tris is running to the train after being in hospital?! I know it's not just from Divergent but I'd just like to know coz it sounds good! aha thanks!
    Julie_Daley 2 years ago
    When Tris takes the train to visit Caleb
    Julie_Daley 2 years ago
    Oops sorry wrong part. Its from the score. "Capture the Flag"
    Michelle_Kuan 2 years ago
    It's My Blood by Elle Goulding ^^
  • Hannahlivia__ 2 years ago
    At the end during the credits their was this song i herd but all i can remember was the lyrics fly,fly, fly. I really liked the song and i want to here it again!?!? Does anyone know wht the song is??? Its not listed under the soundtrack. But i NEED the name of this song. Plz HELP
  • melvel 2 years ago
    Waiting Game plays when Tris goes to see Tori, and Tori tells Tris the story of her brother who was killed.
  • long2193 2 years ago
    what is the ending song ?? and the song when Tris flying :S
    melvel 2 years ago
    Ending Song is Beating Heart by Ellie Goulding. Plays on the last scene and through the credits. Second credits song is Find You by Zedd. Song when Tris ziplines across the city is I Need You by M83.
  • Jessica_Costanza 2 years ago
    My Blood (the bit that starts at 2:26, for sure) plays when Tris steps up her game and his hitting the red punching bag and hitting the dummies with her shots.
    YaTs_Pimentel 2 years ago
    Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥
  • JuLeanne 2 years ago
    Run Boy Run is played several times.
  • JuLeanne 2 years ago
    You forgot 'I Love You' by woodkid whem Tris speaks to Four in the Dauntless Club.
  • Mackenzie_Gatesh 2 years ago
    Strangers plays when they get the tattoos. My Blood plays instrumentally when Tris was training and Four past by and saw her. Anyone know here in distress plays?????
    ScoreMusicMan 2 years ago
    I think, In Distress was slightly heard in the background while Tris and the gang went to get tattoos. I don't know which part though.