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  • Film Release Aug 18th 2006
  • Composer David Schommer
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Complete List of Songs

0:04 Bartleby checks the mailbox and gets rejected from his 8th school
0:07 Song at the graduation party/lunch for the kids and parents who got into college
Gravity Rides Everything
0:13 Bartleby is mowing the lawn, and watchs from his lawn girls pulling out of a driveway in a 'beatle'
Declare Guerre Nucleaire
0:16 They start renovating the mental asylum
Eleanor Rigby
0:28 Bartleby opens the door to find that a few hundred people were accepted into his fake college
0:38 Song as the college students are playing by the pool, bouncing on the trampoline, watersliding, gambling, skating and body painting.
0:41 Bartleby goes to a college to look around, and tries to figure out how to run his fake college
0:46 Uni classes start to take shape, kitchen is installed, uniforms are made, skate ramp built, students are writing their classes on the board
Keepin' Your Head Up
0:59 The college band 'The Ringers' perform live
Close to Me
1:02 The song that plays on Bartlebys clap-on disco ball.
Don't You Forget About Me
1:03 Song at the party, girls are dancing on stage, and the guys from BKE are looking for bartleby
1:04 Song when Bartleby and Monica kiss in his college room
Let The Drummer Kick
1:13 The college is closed, after everyone finds out its fake
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)
1:27 The board passes their fake college as a temporary school
You Think We Suck
1:29 First song in end credits.
Sherman's Way
1:30 various recording played during credits
Bole 2 Harlem
I'm Better
Sweet Confusion

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