Need For Speed (2014) Soundtrack 

Original Music Nathan Furst
Official Soundtrack 24 Songs
Credited Songs 10 Songs
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Views 15702 (Nov), 102182 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Cars With the Boom    1 L' Trimm
Finn's Ringtone when When Joe Calls him at the Office   
Fly Like an Eagle    1 Steve Miller Band
As Maverick Sings This is the song he sings along with Just after Tobey and Maverick Scared Julia.   
Fortunate Son    1 Aloe Blacc
0:04 First song as Bobby rides to the race.   
Magic Hearts    1 Calvin Love
0:22 They reveal the car they built.   
Slow Down    1 Poolside
0:23 Second song at the car reveal. Julia walks over and asks to see the engine.   
Back In the Saddle    2 Aloe Blacc
0:54 Song as Finn quits his job and walks out of the office naked.   
All Along the Watchtower    1 Jamie N Commons
1:10 After DJ Monarch welcomes Tobey to the De Leon race.   
1:58 Tobey is surrounded by police and arrested at the end of the race.   
Hero    1 Kid Cudi & Skylar Grey
2:02 End credits song.   
Siempre Amore    1 Bobby Summerfield / Matt McGuire


1 Fortunate Son 1 Aloe Blacc
2 All Along the Watchtower 1 Jamie N Commons
3 Back In the Saddle 2 Aloe Blacc
4 Hero 1 Kid Cudi & Skylar Grey

Soundtrack #2

1 Marshall Motors Nathan Furst
2 Lighthouse Nathan Furst
3 Mt Kisco Nathan Furst
4 Mustang Offer Nathan Furst
5 Identical Ageras Nathan Furst
6 Koenigsegg Race 2 Nathan Furst
7 Pete’s Death Nathan Furst
8 Right Seater Nathan Furst
9 You Always Go Back Nathan Furst
10 Motor City Mayhem Nathan Furst
11 Grasshopper Nathan Furst
12 Hot Fuel Nathan Furst
13 Crazy Little Tart Nathan Furst
14 Switching Seats Nathan Furst
15 Utah Escape Nathan Furst
16 California Crossing Nathan Furst
17 Broken Nathan Furst
18 De Leon Begins Nathan Furst
19 Lethal Force Nathan Furst
20 In the Lead Nathan Furst
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