• 3 Days To Kill Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 21st 2014
  • Composer Guillaume Roussel
  • Views 210k

Complete List of Songs

0:01 When he is opening the gift of the last ingection
0:05 I found a love
Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness
0:12 First song during opening credits; after Ethan is informed he has 3 months to live.
Soul Searching
0:14 Ethan arrives home to find people living in his apartment.
Your Wish
0:24 Ethan rides his daughters bicycle home from her school.
0:35 Ethan breaks down the door to find Zooey screaming about her hair.
0:38 Christine sets up the couch for Ethan.
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
0:41 Zoe sets her fathers ringtone to this song.
Love It or Leave It
0:55 Ethan meets his daughter at the park, they go on the ride and have hot chocolate.
1:00 Techno song coming from the tattoo parlour.
1:03 Techno song from the spider club.
1:04 Second song from the spider club.
Make It With You
1:28 Ethan and Zoe dance together to practice for her prom.
Sweet Disposition
1:55 Song at end of movie; Christmas in the cabin by the ocean. Plays into end credits.
Persian Diva
Es Una Historia
Snake Pit Lash Out

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Questions (3)

  • Dhana_Pattanaik 1 year ago
    which arabian song play on the car Ethan and his daughter at the car out side the school from principal room
    Raju_Vadnala 1 year ago
    Don't you worry brotha ,i got it for you ... It's Kunik Ilan - Persian Diva .. enjoy madi..
  • Vineet_Kumar 1 year ago
    Song plays when VIVI in training session with strippers & later Ethan joins with briefcase, says job is done.
    Wong_Kevin 1 year ago
    Crazy Horse : SPoUTNIK by MIRWAIS
    Vineet_Kumar 1 year ago
    Thanks dear. Can you share some more songs with similar kind of music, language doesn't matter. Thanks in advance
  • Giga_Giga 1 year ago
    So which song is from the last party when the shootout starts?