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  • Film Release May 9th 2014
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Complete List of Songs

Here Comes the Hotstepper (Heartical Remix)
0:10 Song as Mac and Kelly go round to meet their new neighbours.
Tanglefoot Bounce
0:12 The frat talks about the time the toga party was born.
Queen Bitch
0:13 The frat talks about the time beer pong was invented.
Don't You (Forget About Me)
0:13 The frat talks about the time Boot and Rally was invented.
0:15 Delta Si chant after singing a line from this song.
0:16 Mac and Kelly go round to tell the frat neighbours to keep it down. Teddy tells his frat to turn the music down.
I Wanna See You Move It
0:18 At the house party after Mac and Kelly are invited in.
Drunk Tonight
0:20 Song at the first frat house party. Teddy shows Mac his room.
F**k Your S**t Up
0:22 The frat house is partying again the following night. Mac tries calling Teddy but he won't pick up.
Love Is On the Line
0:23 Mac and Kelly call the cops on the frat.
0:25 Morning after they call the cops. The frat ruins there front yard and bushes.
0:34 The frat have a pool party after successfully raising funds from the dildo moulds.
First Name Trouble (feat. Marz)
0:36 Mac, Kelly, Paula and Jimmy walk into the party and hatch a plan to break up the frat.
Freaking Out
0:38 Mac and Teddy have a dance off at the party. Again when Teddy watches Pete take his girlfriend upstairs.
London Bridge
0:40 Third song at the frat party. Kelly makes out with Pete and Brooke before forcing them to kiss.
Raise Those Hands
0:41 Teddy stumbles through the corridor after watching Pete take his girlfriend upstairs.
Let It Go (Laidback Luke Remix)
0:42 Song as Pete has sex with Brooke, Ted's girlfriend.
Die Young
0:44 Song at the party after their plans works. Mac and Kelly do shots before stumbling home drunk.
Get Ur Freak On
1:10 First song at the 'legendary' end of year frat party.
1:11 Song mixed with 'Get Ur Freak On' at the start of the frat party.
1:14 The frat kick everyone out of the party when they realize they were tricked.
1:15 Another song at the end of year frat party.
Messages (feat. Simon Lord)
1:22 The party starts again, Mac lights fireworks.
Cheap Beer
Hurt Me Tomorrow
1:24 Song at the end of the party, Teddy is arrested.
1:30 End credits song.
Everybody Hurts

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