• The Double Soundtrack

  • Film Release May 9th 2014
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Complete List of Songs

0:24 Simon plays this song on the jukebox for Hannah.
0:26 The live band play this song at the work event.
0:38 Song at the bar. James tries to pick up some girls and then headbutts a guy at the bar.
After the Sayonara
0:49 At the diner, Hannah talks to Simon about asking James out for her.
0:51 Simon watches on at the restaurant, as James steals Hannah and kisses her. Simon then receives the bill.
1:25 End credits song.
Akasaka Rain

Official Soundtrack

The Double Official Soundtrack
1 Sukiyaki 0
Kyu Sakamoto
2 The Double Theme (Version 1) 0
Simon , after witnessing a suicide, is speaking with the police.
Andrew Hewitt
3 Mr. Papadopoulos 0
Simon walks around the oddice with mr. papadopoulos, discussing simons work ethic
Andrew Hewitt
4 Watching Hannah 0
Simon watches hannah from the telescope in his apartment as she tears up her artwork and tosses it down the garbage shoot1
Andrew Hewitt
5 East Virginia 1
Danny & The Islanders
6 You're Not Meant To Be Here 0
simon angrily walks to his apartment after being removed from his work event.
Andrew Hewitt
7 Splendour In the Grass 1
Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets
8 Simon and James 0
simon tucks james into bed
Andrew Hewitt
9 The Switch, Pt. 1 0
Andrew Hewitt
10 The Switch, Pt. 2 0
Andrew Hewitt
11 Blue Chateau 1
Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets
12 I Am a Ghost 0
simon writes his suicide note and notices hannah's attempt to kill herself
Andrew Hewitt
13 Hannah 0
Andrew Hewitt
14 A Boy Held Up By String 1
upon deciding to commit suicide, simon walks to hannah's apartment and tells her "I dont want to be a boy held up by string"
Andrew Hewitt
15 The Double Theme (Version 2) 0
Simon, after calling the police, cutting his own face, handcuffing james to his bed and climbing over the edge of the apartment building opposite to his, jumps of the edge.
Andrew Hewitt
16 Simon In the Ambulance 0
simon is picked up in the ambulance and is being rushed to the hospital, sitting beside a smiling hannah and (whom im assuming is) the colonel who. the last lines of the film are "I guess you can say I'm pretty unique"
Andrew Hewitt
17 The Sun 1
Kim Jung Mi
18 The Replicator - Opening Titles (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt
19 ColLoc Commercial (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt
20 Melanie's Computer Game (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt
21 The Replicator - Underscore (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt
22 The Replicator - Love Theme (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt
23 The Game Show (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt
24 The Two Dancing Girls (Bonus Track) 0
Andrew Hewitt

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