The Double (2014) Soundtrack 

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Sukiyaki    Kyu Sakamoto
0:24 Simon plays this song on the jukebox for Hannah.   
East Virginia    1 Danny & The Islanders
0:26 The live band play this song at the work event.   
Splendour In the Grass    1 Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets
0:38 Song at the bar. James tries to pick up some girls and then headbutts a guy at the bar.   
After the Sayonara    1 The Blue Comets
0:49 At the diner, Hannah talks to Simon about asking James out for her.   
Blue Chateau    1 Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets
0:51 Simon watches on at the restaurant, as James steals Hannah and kisses her. Simon then receives the bill.   
The Sun    1 Kim Jung Mi
1:25 End credits song.   
Akasaka Rain    1 The Blue Comets


1 Sukiyaki Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kyu Sakamoto
2 The Double Theme (Version 1) Andrew Hewitt
3 Mr. Papadopoulos Andrew Hewitt
4 Watching Hannah Andrew Hewitt
5 East Virginia 1 Danny & The Islanders
6 You're Not Meant To Be Here Andrew Hewitt
7 Splendour In the Grass 1 Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets
8 Simon and James Andrew Hewitt
9 The Switch, Pt. 1 Andrew Hewitt
10 The Switch, Pt. 2 Andrew Hewitt
11 Blue Chateau 1 Jacky Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets
12 I Am a Ghost Andrew Hewitt
13 Hannah Andrew Hewitt
14 A Boy Held Up By String 1 Andrew Hewitt
15 The Double Theme (Version 2) Andrew Hewitt
16 Simon In the Ambulance Andrew Hewitt
17 The Sun Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Kim Jung Mi
18 The Replicator - Opening Titles (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
19 ColLoc Commercial (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
20 Melanie's Computer Game (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
21 The Replicator - Underscore (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
22 The Replicator - Love Theme (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
23 The Game Show (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
24 The Two Dancing Girls (Bonus Track) Andrew Hewitt
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