The Other Woman (2014) Soundtrack 

Original Music Aaron Zigman
Credited Songs 24 Songs
Contributor tomm098 level 5   admin
Views 31575 (May), 564231 (Total)
User Questions 10

Complete List of Songs

Love Is a Battlefield    7 Raining Jane
Kate and Carly dressing up in Carly's flat   
The Sun Is Rising    11 Britt Nicole
when she throws ring in water   
Get My Dough    4 Ester Dean
0:03 It's nice   
Carry You    2 Restless Blues Band
0:58 outside   
Royals    2 Lorde
1:42 they meet in the restaurant after mark gets BUSTED!   
Cool Jerk    1 The Go-Go's
1:45 When Kate is in the bathroom shaving her legs and primping while Mark is waiting in bed for her
A Sunday Kind of Love    1 Etta James
When kate throws her wedding ring into the ocean   
Gimme Your Love    3 Morcheeba
When Carly goes to "fix" Marks plumbing   
Mission Impossible Theme    1 Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra
When Mark leaves for his next weekend tryst, Kate throws off her bathrobe revealing an all-black spy outfit and jumps into action tailing him.   
Feels So Good    1 Aaron Zigman
D ndndnsndjdndn   
Shortie in the Back (ft. Normadik)    3 Basko
Feel It in the Air    1 Tête-À-Tête
Girls Just Want to Have Fun    1 Cyndi Lauper
Heaven in Your Eyes    4 Aaron Zigman
Sitting on the beach   
Tried By 12    1 The East Flatbush Project
Bohannon    2 Fat Freddy's Drop
The One That You Love    3 Air Supply
Waking Up in Paradise (feat. North Mississippi All Stars)    2 Cisco Adler
Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, Tyga & Mystic)    2 Major Lazer
Bilingual Boy    2 CuCu Diamantes
Sitting on beach in morning   
Guajira    4 CuCu Diamantes
Gonna Miss You When You're Gone    2 Patty Griffin
Theme from New York, New York    1 Frank Sinatra
All 3 ladies return to NYC, as Mark arrives at Carly's office for an unexpected surprise.   
I'm Coming Out (The Other Woman Remix)    2 Keyshia Cole
when they show what each woman wound up doing later on...   

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Questions (10) Ask Question

kayeraven level 1 | 2 months ago
Does anyone know what the name of the jazz / R&B piece is at the very end of the credits?

Pegues1985 level 1 | 2 months ago
Does anyone know the name of the song playing as they drive to bank? Part of lyrics are "the rain came down"

Joshua_Recinos level 1 | 4 months ago
whats the song where cameron diaz and the guy shes into are flirting under the gazebo at the beach house. its a smooth jazz guitar song type of deal. anyone?

Nina_Va level 1 | 5 months ago
The song "Shortie in the Back" is here!!

Dalton_Beck level 1 | 6 months ago
What is the song where they are walking right before they go into the no hands place
NiKiWelch level 1 | 5 months ago
east flatbush project tried by 12

Darius_Hosse level 1 | 9 months ago
Hi ! What's the name of rock song when struggling on the beach plz ???
Justin_Stofle level 1 | 8 months ago
Britt Nicole- the sun is rising
Darius_Hosse level 1 | 8 months ago
No !! i'm talking of the ROCK song when Cameron Diaz is looking by binoculars then running on the beach for fighting with the third woman !!! plzzzz I cant find the title !!!!!!!
Darius_Hosse level 1 | 8 months ago
at 55 min! lol
Avenged level 1 | 4 months ago
I think I finally found it, the song arrangement was done specifically for the movie but the guitar backing is strikingly similar to Super Colossal by Joe Satriani

Aslara_Miles level 1 | 9 months ago
Hi, anyone knows the song before the last one in the credits? a few girls are singing a great melody; Anyone knows? its not on the tracklist.
Fabiana_Paciulo level 1 | 9 months ago
It is Sweet by Aaron Zigman. Impossible to find. You can download a sample here: It is like OST The Other Woman - End Credits Song in this page :)
Rene_Guerrier level 1 | 9 months ago

Caia_Calabrese level 1 | 9 months ago
Hi, anyone knows the very last theme in the credits? An instrumental. I hope it´s not music made exclusively for the movie. I tried TrackID but it was wrong. Thanks!
Fabiana_Paciulo level 1 | 9 months ago
Is this one?

Lauren_Spivey level 1 | 10 months ago
Anyone know who sings that you're gonna make it song from when they are sitting on the beach right before they go to bank?
Ali0971 level 1 | 10 months ago
It's in the song list, Britt Nicole "the sun is rising "

Jasiah_Harrold level 1 | 10 months ago
I can't find 'shortie in the back' anywhere!!! Help D;
Taylor_Stainer level 1 | 10 months ago
I'm pretty sure it's just a song that they made for the show. :( I looked for it to but I couldn't find it. :'(
Nina_Va level 1 | 5 months ago

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