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  • Film Release May 9th 2014
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Complete List of Songs

Brother John Is Gone / Herc-Jolly-John
First song as Carl cooks in his restaurant.
Bang Bang
When Inez convinces Carl to come to Miami
When Carl goes to ask about the food truck to Inez's ex-husband
Song that plays when Martin cooks the pork
Song Carl and Martin sing while going to Austin
Travis County
0:01 At Guero's Taco Bar, Austin. Van parked outside bar near bikes.
When My Train Pulls In (Live in Austin)
0:01 At Guero's Taco Bar, Austin. Van parked outside bar near bikes.
Oye Como Va (Live at el Jefe)
0:01 It was played by Inez's father at their wedding at El Jefe.
Tired of Being Alone
0:09 After Carl is forced to cook his 'safe' menu. Cuts them watching a dancing and singing skeleton in the street.
0:11 Carl reads the poor review out to his team at the bar.
0:14 Carl cooks pasta for Molly at his place.
I Like It Like That
0:16 Song as prepares and tests out his new menu at the restaurant.
0:20 Carl cooks a delicious toasted cheese sandwich for his son.
El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M
0:23 Carl sifts through the twitter responses, he responds to the critic, publicly.
0:33 After Carl walks out, the critic returns and is presented with the same menu.
La Quimbumba (Live at el Jefe)
Homenaje Al Beny (Castellano Que Bueno Baila Usted)
Mi Swing Es Tropical (feat. Tempo & The Candela Allstars)
Oh, Didn't He Ramble

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