• Blended Soundtrack

  • Film Release May 23rd 2014
  • Composer Rupert Gregson-Williams
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Complete List of Songs

0:01 First song at the Hooters restaurant.
Look At Me Now
0:04 Second song during their hooters date.
Sports Center Theme
0:06 Brendan talks to Espn.
Miss Movin’ On
0:13 Hilary is trying to make her boobs look bigger before her dad walks in on her.
Yehlisa Umoya
0:32 They find out they're going to Africa.
0:33 The singers welcome them to Africa as Lauren walks in with her boys.
0:34 The singers welcome them to Africa as Lauren walks in with her boys.
Kwela Kwela (feat. Hung Masekela)
0:35 The families are showed to their room in Africa.
I Fink U Freeky
0:43 Song coming from the disco, a guy walks in and tells Hilary how many hot chicks are here.
Integration Africaine
0:46 Jim tries to wake the kids up in the morning to go explore Africa.
0:47 Jim and Lauren see each other downstairs as they get coffee. They see two rhinos having sex.
0:48 Jim and his daughters come down from their hotel room. The girls are dressed in golf uniforms. They go to their table and eat.
Tongue Tied
0:48 Hilary dances on the basketball court as Jake watches. She leaves upset after her dad embarrasses her again.
0:49 The african employees come out singing after the boy is beating by Hilary.
0:55 Brendan talks to Espn.
Mosadzi Wa Tshikhuma
0:58 Hilary is gazing at the guy she likes laying in the sun on long-chair, Lauren is coming to her and talks to her about getting a new haircut.
I'm Every Woman
0:59 Jim spots his daughter walk in for dinner.
I'll Make Love to You
0:59 Second song as Hilary walks in to the restaurant.
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
1:00 Third song as Hilary walks in. Jim looks worried.
1:03 Nickens and his crew sing this to Jim and Lauren at dinner.
1:03 Song as the families go out on safari. Hilary nearly kisses Jake.
Over the Rainbow
1:18 Lauren sings this song to Lou.
Blending & Bonding
1:23 Nickens sing this song as they work out.
I Kissed a Girl
1:26 The indian lady checks out Lauren as she walks down the stairs.
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
1:27 At the adults only final dance night.
It’s Nice To Be Alive
1:36 Jim drives to Lauren's house to try and get her back at the end of the movie.
1:40 Monkeys band sing after Jim refuses to kiss Lauren at the romantic dinner.
Look They’re Blending
1:49 Final blending song in the hot air balloon.
Say It, Just Say It
1:50 First song during the end credits.
What Do You Love?
1:52 Second song during end credits.
These Dreams
2:02 Amazon
Girl On Fire (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Exciting, Amazing, Romantic
Kura Uone (Grow Up & U Will See)
You Go Running
Mosadzi Wa Tshikhuma
Sunrise - Mpumalanga
Meditation Music Scent

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  • marshy 3 months ago
    what song plays when Jim is walking back to his car, after leaving the flowers? It starts at 1hr:38:16.