Begin Again (2014) Soundtrack 

Original Music Gregg Alexander
Official Soundtrack 16 Songs
Credited Songs 32 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Drowning Pool    5 The Walls
0:04 "Early that day... " scene   
A Step You Can’t Take Back    21 Keira Knightley
0:18 Gretta sings in a bar as Dan watches   
Lost Stars    16 Keira Knightley
0:28 Gretta watches videos of her and her boyfriend Dave together on her phone   
Coming Up Roses    4 Keira Knightley
0:30 Gretta and Dave play pingpong and settle into their new apartment   
No One Else Like You    4 Adam Levine
0:32 Gretta takes coffees up to her and Dave's apartment   
Steve's Busking Song #1    James Corden
0:34 Steve busks in the street before Gretta surprises him   
Lost Stars    4 Adam Levine
0:37 Gretta and Dave film themselves performing together   
A Higher Place    4 Adam Levine
0:40 Dave plays the song that he recorded in LA for Gretta   
Steve's Busking Song #2    James Corden
0:42 Steve is busking in the streets when Gretta comes to him upset   
Your Next Move    Cee Lo Green
0:42 Cee-Lo tells Gretta in the pool he'll pay for the musicians they need   
Luck Be a Lady    2 Frank Sinatra
1:06 Gretta and Dan walk around NYC listening to Dave's music library.   
For Once in My Life    5 Stevie Wonder
1:07 Dave and Gretta walk around NYC listening to Dave's music library   
As Time Goes By    1 Dooley Wilson
1:09 Dave and Gretta listen to Gretta's music library   
Like a Fool    13 Keira Knightley
1:13 Gretta sings a song she wrote for Dave to his voicemail   
Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home    15 Keira Knightley
1:18 Gretta and the band record on a rooftop at night   
Thinking About Your Love    1 Skipworth & Turner
1:22 Steve plays at a party and labels it a song that's impossible not to dance to   
Lost Stars (Overproduced Version)    3 Adam Levine
1:27 Dave lets Gretta listen to his new version of lost stars he recorded on tour   
Horny    1 Cee-Lo
This Is Who I Am    1 Shelayne
Keep It To Yourself    Pony Up
Hits    Crash Boom Bang
I Love Summer    Honey Claws
After The Years    1 Tony Silver
Bring Your Body To The Party    Julie Griffin
Comeback Girl    Republic of Loose
Count It All Up    Emazin
2 of the Last Few    Max Kagan, Scott Weinshank and Tony "Harp Dog" Sk
My Lights Burning Glow    Eric Burton
Baby's Wearing Blue    Bosley
Over and Over    Angela McCluskey
Somebody2Love    Sammy Jaye


1 Lost Stars Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 10 Adam Levine
2 Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 15 Keira Knightley
3 Lost Stars Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 16 Keira Knightley
4 Like a Fool Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 13 Keira Knightley
5 Did It Ever Cross Your Mind 5 Cessyl Orchestra
6 Women of the World (Go On Strike!) 1 Cee-Lo
7 Into the Trance Cessyl Orchestra
8 The Roof Is Broke 2 Cessyl Orchestra
9 Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home (feat. Hailee Steinfeld) 1 Keira Knightley
10 Intimidated By You 1 Cessyl Orchestra
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