• Transformers: Age of Extinction Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 27th 2014
  • Composer Steve Jablonsky
  • Views 244k

Complete List of Songs

U Can't Touch This
0:01 Shortly after Bumblebee has crushed the Roboter at KSI-lab and the Crew arrives in the room.
0:03 First song in Cade's truck at the start of the movie.
Nasty Girl
0:04 Lucas sings this song from his car when he meets up with Cade at the start of the film.
0:07 The girls pull up in their jeep.
Dat Slap (feat. Fiend)
Moonlight Reflected On the Er-Quan Spring

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Questions (4)

  • Adam_Nurfirman 1 year ago
    What soundtrack when optimus prime fight with lockdown ini ending
  • Ismael_Pascual 1 year ago
    What soundtrack is when Optimus prime gets out and save Cade Yeager
  • rav2000 2 years ago
    What's the music playing in the background when tessa brings cade dinner? He's fixing the painting robot. It's not on the soundtrack. Thanks in advance.
    I am looking for the same music and have listened to all the available tracks here but it isn't there. Do share if anybody knows what that music is. It plays at about 21:43 in the movie. Thanks!
    Ahmed_Sami 1 year ago
    hi , here is the song (Racing Glaciers - First Light) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t894DG5D9Q
    rav2000 1 year ago
    It doesn't sound like the piece in that scene??
    Vimal_Oumesh 1 year ago
    this is the music u r searching for PAINTER BOT BROKEN link~http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MrVSSDgt2ew
    rav2000 1 year ago
    Link is not working :-(
  • Jõşěph_Řøgěrş 2 years ago
    Lucas Flannery (Lucus) What Music is he playing in his car when he meets Mark Wahlberg as Cade Yeager at an old theater where they find Optimus Prime?
    Izzy_Martini 2 years ago
    That song is "All for you" by Imagine Dragons, which is not out yet.
    Jõşěph_Řøgěrş 2 years ago
    I don't think that is the song, this song I am asking about was a rap song and it sounded like Lil Jon... are you sure?
    Jõşěph_Řøgěrş 2 years ago
    I just googled that song - that is not it. The song I am talking about is when Lucas is IN his car pulling up to meet Cade.
    Hans_Gonzales 2 years ago
    the song is all for you by imagine dragons
    Hans_Gonzales 2 years ago
    here is the unofficial link at youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjRsucM83HQ
    Jõşěph_Řøgěrş 2 years ago
    Why can't you guys understand what I am saying, that is not the song. It is a rap song he was listening to in his car when he pulls up to the theater.
    Schnibbidy_Schizzle 2 years ago
    TJ Miller - Nasty Girl
    Jõşěph_Řøgěrş 2 years ago
    Why do you think that? Got a link? I heard TJ rap, I don't think it is him. Like I said it sounds like Lil Jon.
    Schnibbidy_Schizzle 2 years ago
    Its deffo his song, its not even available anywhere (yet)