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Complete List of Songs

one of Mason's friends(Nick) plays drum with his friend of the band in the party after the game.
0:01 First song, Mason is picked up from school.
Hate To Say I Told You So
0:02 Mason goes riding his bike with his friend after school. They graffiti a tunnel.
Oops!… I Did It Again
0:06 Samantha sings this to Mason after there parents are fighting.
Anthem Part Two
0:06 Mason and his friend are looking at a girly magazine as kids.
Soak Up the Sun
0:10 The kids and their mother move for the first time as children.
The Whomping Willow and the Snowball Fight
0:29 The children get their Harry Potter books at the midnight launch.
0:34 Their father (Ethan Hawke) picks up the kids for the baseball game. He asks them about their week in the car.
0:38 Their dad has a fun day with his Mason and Samantha; he teaches them to catch a football.
Rock And Roll, Part 2
0:40 Plays briefly after the home run in the baseball game.
Do You Realize??
0:44 Song plays from their Dads car when he drops the kids off to their mother.
0:45 The boys look at porn on the computer.
I Held onto My Pride and Let Her Go
0:45 Mason is forced to get a haircut.
Crank That (Soulja Boy)
0:50 The boys ride their bikes home from school and find their mother, Olivia on the floor crying.
0:55 The boys are forced to go into the liquor store and cash their fathers check for $500.
We're All In This Together
0:57 The young girl is singing this at the table when Olivia leave their alcoholic father and move into her friends house.
One (Blake's Got a New Face)
1:01 Mason and Samantha go around the neighbourhood and erect Barrack Obama supporter signs.
Hate It Here
1:08 Mason and his dad listen to this song in the car. He tells Mason what a great simple country song it is.
L.A. Freeway
1:11 Mason's dad sings this in the tent when they camp.
1:12 Song as Mason urinates on the campfire. Continues as their mother drops them to school the following day.
1:17 Song is playing from Samantha's room when her mother yells at her for not picking up her brother.
1:18 Mason asks his mother if he can go camping with his friend. This song plays in her room.
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)
1:19 Mason and his friend hang out with some older kids in a house. They drink and talk about sex.
1:23 Mason's mother hosts a lunch party for her students.
1:23 One of Olivia's students talks with Mason in his room about his graffiti tag.
Sous le soleil (feat. Aurelia) [Radio Mix]
1:25 Song can be heard briefly in the background as Jim talks about his tour in Afghanistan.
Wish You Were Here
1:26 One of Olivia's students sings this with a guitar as Mason watches.
1:27 Mason is making out with a girl in the back of his friends car, before getting dropped off at his house.
Sunshine Day
1:28 Mason gets home just in time for his birthday. He tells his mom he's been drinking and smoking a little.
Beyond the Horizon
1:31 The kids drive off with their father and his new wife in the minivan.
Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)
1:34 Amy watches the video clip of this song on Samantha's phone in the car/
1:35 After Mason's dad gives him The Beatles' "Black Album" as a late birthday present.
1:49 Song at the football game as Mason photographs it.
She's Long Gone
1:50 First song at the party after the game.
1:51 Second song at the party. Mason talks to Sheena about life and doing what they want.
Suburban War
2:00 Song playing in the car as Mason talks to Sheena about Facebook and cyborgs.
Somebody That I Used to Know
2:03 Double date at the bar as Mason plays pool with Samantha's boyfriend.
Old Black Crow
2:07 Sheena and Mason have late night food at the 24/7 restaurant.
I’ll Be Around
2:09 Mason and Sheena kiss on top of the building as they watch the sun rise.
2:15 Mason and his friend drive back to his mum's after graduation. This song plays in the car.
2:33 Mason drives to college; he stops to take photographs along the way.
2:40 After Mason says 'the moments are constant'. Plays into end credits.
Summer Noon
2:44 Second song during end credits.
Mason's father and stepmother lead the family in song on his step-grandparents' front porch.
Mason, Sheena, Samantha, and her boyfriend walk past a hula hoop dancer in Austin.
Nao Acorde o Nenem
Em Todo Lugar
The Dog Song
Jimmy's band plays for Mason and his dad while warming up for their concert.

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