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Pout    1 David Clark and Sam Dillon
one of Mason's friends(Nick) plays drum with his friend of the band in the party after the game.   
Yellow    6 Coldplay
0:01 First song, Mason is picked up from school.   
Hate To Say I Told You So    4 The Hives
0:02 Mason goes riding his bike with his friend after school. They graffiti a tunnel.   
Oops!… I Did It Again    Britney Spears
0:06 Samantha sings this to Mason after there parents are fighting.   
Anthem Part Two    Blink-182
0:06 Mason and his friend are looking at a girly magazine as kids.   
Soak Up the Sun    2 Sheryl Crow
0:10 The kids and their mother move for the first time as children.   
The Whomping Willow and the Snowball Fight    Harry Potter
0:29 The children get their Harry Potter books at the midnight launch.   
Could We    2 Cat Power
0:34 Their father (Ethan Hawke) picks up the kids for the baseball game. He asks them about their week in the car.   
My Good Gal    Old Crow Medicine Show
0:38 Their dad has a fun day with his Mason and Samantha; he teaches them to catch a football.   
Rock And Roll, Part 2    Gary Glitter
0:40 Plays briefly after the home run in the baseball game.   
Do You Realize??    1 The Flaming Lips
0:44 Song plays from their Dads car when he drops the kids off to their mother.   
Freaks! Freaks!    Pigeon John & Rhettmatic
0:45 The boys look at porn on the computer.   
I Held onto My Pride and Let Her Go    Dale Watson
0:45 Mason is forced to get a haircut.   
Crank That (Soulja Boy)    Soulja Boy Tell 'Em
0:50 The boys ride their bikes home from school and find their mother, Olivia on the floor crying.   
Crazy    1 Gnarls Barkley
0:55 The boys are forced to go into the liquor store and cash their fathers check for $500.   
We're All In This Together    The Cast of High School Musical
0:57 The young girl is singing this at the table when Olivia leave their alcoholic father and move into her friends house.   
One (Blake's Got a New Face)    1 Vampire Weekend
1:01 Mason and Samantha go around the neighbourhood and erect Barrack Obama supporter signs.   
Hate It Here    1 Wilco
1:08 Mason and his dad listen to this song in the car. He tells Mason what a great simple country song it is.   
L.A. Freeway    Guy Clark
1:11 Mason's dad sings this in the tent when they camp.   
1901    3 Phoenix
1:12 Song as Mason urinates on the campfire. Continues as their mother drops them to school the following day.   
LoveGame    Lady GaGa
1:17 Song is playing from Samantha's room when her mother yells at her for not picking up her brother.   
Desencabulada    Luisa Maita
1:18 Mason asks his mother if he can go camping with his friend. This song plays in her room.   
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester)    Cobra Starship
1:19 Mason and his friend hang out with some older kids in a house. They drink and talk about sex.   
Lero-Lero    Luisa Maita
1:23 Mason's mother hosts a lunch party for her students.   
Let It Die    Foo Fighters
1:23 One of Olivia's students talks with Mason in his room about his graffiti tag.   
Sous le soleil (feat. Aurelia) [Radio Mix]    Major Boys
1:25 Song can be heard briefly in the background as Jim talks about his tour in Afghanistan.   
Wish You Were Here    2 Pink Floyd
1:26 One of Olivia's students sings this with a guitar as Mason watches.   
Radioactive    Kings Of Leon
1:27 Mason is making out with a girl in the back of his friends car, before getting dropped off at his house.   
Sunshine Day    1 Osibisa
1:28 Mason gets home just in time for his birthday. He tells his mom he's been drinking and smoking a little.   
Beyond the Horizon    1 Bob Dylan
1:31 The kids drive off with their father and his new wife in the minivan.   
Telephone (feat. Beyoncé)    1 Lady GaGa
1:34 Amy watches the video clip of this song on Samantha's phone in the car/   
Band On the Run    Wings & Paul McCartney
1:35 After Mason's dad gives him The Beatles' "Black Album" as a late birthday present.   
Notre Dame Victory March - Fight Song    University of Notre Dame Band of the Fighting Irish
1:49 Song at the football game as Mason photographs it.   
She's Long Gone    The Black Keys
1:50 First song at the party after the game.   
Helena Beat    3 Foster the People
1:51 Second song at the party. Mason talks to Sheena about life and doing what they want.   
Suburban War    3 Arcade Fire
2:00 Song playing in the car as Mason talks to Sheena about Facebook and cyborgs.   
Somebody That I Used to Know    2 Gotye
2:03 Double date at the bar as Mason plays pool with Samantha's boyfriend.   
Old Black Crow    Sean Tracey
2:07 Sheena and Mason have late night food at the 24/7 restaurant.   
I’ll Be Around    1 Yo La Tengo
2:09 Mason and Sheena kiss on top of the building as they watch the sun rise.   
Trojans    1 Atlas Genius
2:15 Mason and his friend drive back to his mum's after graduation. This song plays in the car.   
Hero    12 Family of the Year
2:33 Mason drives to college; he stops to take photographs along the way.   
Deep Blue    3 Arcade Fire
2:40 After Mason says 'the moments are constant'. Plays into end credits.   
Summer Noon    3 Tweedy
2:44 Second song during end credits.   
Que Mala    Freddy Fender
Split the Difference    1 Ethan Hawke and Charlie Sexton
Gobbelins    Bruce Salmon and Wayne Sutton
Nao Acorde o Nenem    Moreno Veloso
Em Todo Lugar    Moreno Veloso
Coisa Boa    Moreno Veloso
The Dog Song    Charlie Sexton


1 Summer Noon Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 3 Tweedy
2 Yellow Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Coldplay
3 Hate To Say I Told You So Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 4 The Hives
4 Could We Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 2 Cat Power
5 Do You Realize?? Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 The Flaming Lips
6 Crazy Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Gnarls Barkley
7 One (Blake's Got a New Face) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Vampire Weekend
8 Hate It Here Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Wilco
9 Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Cobra Starship
10 Beyond the Horizon Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 1 Bob Dylan
11 Band On the Run Paul McCartney & Wings
12 She's Long Gone Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Black Keys
13 Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Gotye
14 I'll Be Around Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Yo La Tengo
15 Hero 12 Family of the Year
16 Deep Blue Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio 3 Arcade Fire
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