Premature (2014) Soundtrack 

Original Music N/A
Credited Songs 12 Songs
Contributor Sphincone level 1
Views 496 (Oct), 2799 (Total)
User Questions 1

Complete List of Songs

Turn It Around The Len Price 3
0:01 Opening credits
Miracle Mile Song Available on Rdio Cold War Kids
0:04 When Rob is cycling to his school
I Love You Song Available on Rdio Eternal Summers
0:20 When Rob is cycling to Angela's home for the first time
Tongue Tied Song Available on Rdio Grouplove
2:08 Ending credits
Morning Newz Teddy Zambetti
Background Music
Premature March John Carbonara
Background Music
Die Kenny Die Poppy Field
Background Music
I'm Alone Song Available on Rdio La Sera
Background Music
Boyfriend Song Available on Rdio Slowdance
Background Music
Cornfields Song Available on Rdio Benji Hughes
Background Music
Oror John Bilezikjian
Background Music
She Got Over Me Song Available on Rdio David O'Neal
Background Music

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