• Mean Girls 2 Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 9th 2011
  • Composer Transcenders
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Complete List of Songs

0:02 When "The Plastics" arrive at school in their car.
Favorite Distraction
0:30 When Jo is thinking about Tyler in the classroom
Love, Love, Love
0:34 When Jo and Tyler are making out in the car
0:50 Party at Abby's House
Better Than Her
0:53 Abby and Elliot are talking (Abby's Party)
0:55 Nick is vomiting on her.......Jo and Abby and others are the new anti-plastic
Walk Of Shame
0:58 Everybody coughing at Quinn
2012 (It Ain't the End)
1:27 School Party
1:29 King and Queen starts dancing
1:31 Jo packing for her college
Wake Up Call
Middle Ground
Ground Level
Party Plane
Crazy Good

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