Into the Wild (2007) Soundtrack 

Original Music Michael Brook, Eddie Vedder & Kaki King
Official Soundtrack 51 Songs
Credited Songs 29 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Hard Sun Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker
This song plays at the beginning of Chris's journey, when he's driving his Datsun 210 on a highway. We hear a part of this song again
Society Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder and Jerry Hannan
This song is heard after Christopher gets beaten up on the railway tracks.
No Ceiling Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder
The song starts when we see Christopher taking a shower (in slow motion).
Rise Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder
The song starts when we see birds frolicking in the ocean waves and subsequently Christophher climbing down a hill slope.
Long Nights Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder
The track plays in the background of the opening credits, which are seen after Christopher starts walking into the wilderness of Alaska.
The Wolf Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder
This song plays after we see a flashback of Christopher's parent's fight. The song starts playing actually when Christopher reaches the top
Guaranteed Song Available on Rdio Eddie Vedder
This song is heard in the closing credits and starts with the rolling out of the cast.
Going Up The Country Song Available on Rdio Canned Heat
The song starts as Christopher gets out of the tent and later watches two guys water-skiing.
King Of The Road Song Available on Rdio Roger Miller
The song plays when Christopher travels from Mexico to Los Angeles on a freight train.
Doing The Wrong Thing Song Available on Rdio Kaki King
The song plays when Jan drives Christopher out of Slab City.
Frame Song Available on Rdio Kaki King
Emory and Old St. Andrews March The Atlanta Pipe Band
It starts when Christopher etches his new name 'Supertramp' onto the wood, and later we see the Emory and Old St Andrews March being
U Can't Touch This Song Available on Rdio M.C. Hammer
This song plays during the kayak scene in the crazy rapids.
The Water Ran This Way Back And Forth Song Available on Rdio Pedro
I Thought I Was You Kelly Peterson
Kaa Claude Chaloub
Fork and File The Cooked Jades
Dakota Themes Peter Ostroushko
Slab Song Everett 'Insane Wayne' Smith
The song is played in the Slab City by an old guy with a beard.
Angel From Montgomery Kristen Stewart and Emile Hirsch
Christopher and Tracy sing this song in the Slab City together at a show.
Picking Berries Gustavo Santaolalla
Tracy's Song Kristen Stewart
Tracy T sings this song on stage at the 'rubber tramps' camp.
Best Unsaid Michael Brook
This background music plays after Christopher shouts "Guess Not" standing on top of the Magic bus.
Flood Michael Brook
Timekeeper Michael Brook
Carte Noir Michael Brook
It plays during the scene where Chris and Catherine Keener are playing in the ocean.
Porterville Song Available on Rdio Creedence Clearwater Revival
I Saw It Michael Brook
Swimming and Horses Michael Brook
The song starts when Christopher jumps into the river.


Soundtrack #2

1 Lord Byron Michael Brook
2 Best Unsaid Michael Brook
3 Carving Michael Brook
4 Timekeeper Michael Brook
5 Burning the Proof Michael Brook
6 Waking / Waterskier Michael Brook
7 Pacific Crest Michael Brook
8 Carte Noir Michael Brook
9 Birds, Snow, Ice Michael Brook
10 The Combine & Wayne Michael Brook
11 Carthage Grain Sale Michael Brook
12 Free Satellite and Hunting Advice Michael Brook
13 Wayne's Arrest Michael Brook
14 Chris's California Trip Michael Brook
15 The Rapids Michael Brook
16 The Canyon Michael Brook
17 Childhoood Adventure Michael Brook
18 Swimming & Horses Michael Brook
19 Sea of Cortez Michael Brook
20 Los Angeles At Night Michael Brook
21 Violence At Home Michael Brook
22 Billie & Hitchhiker Michael Brook
23 Shooting the Moose Michael Brook
24 Arrival At the Slabs Michael Brook
25 Salvation Mountain Michael Brook
26 Selling Books Michael Brook
27 Chris Reads Tolstoy Michael Brook
28 Falling In the River Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Michael Brook
29 Ron Climbs Hill Michael Brook
30 Starving Michael Brook
31 Flood Michael Brook
32 Chris Meets the Bear Michael Brook
33 Where Are They Now? Michael Brook
34 Chris Dying Michael Brook
35 Final Heartbeats Michael Brook
36 Devil Slayer Michael Brook
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