• Step Up: All In Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 8th 2014
  • Composer Jeff Cardoni
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Complete List of Songs

Sweat, Sugar, Dance And Voodoo
Alexxa Brava sings when the crew finds out that one of the grim knighhys were her back up dancers
I Won't Let You Down
0:01 First song during opening credits.
Judgement Day
0:07 First dance battle in the club.
0:09 Second song in the club, Grim Knights dance routine.
How You Do That
0:16 Sean meets up with Moose for the first time.
Cheek to Cheek
0:16 Jazz music as Moose and Sean walk into the studio.
10-Hut Booty
0:21 Moose is listening to this song in his lab coat before he is interrupted.
0:22 Samba music as Moose grabs Sean from the studio.
0:25 Moose and Sean convince Andy to quit her job and she dances to this song.
Down the Road
0:26 Sean rounds up members for their new dance crew; Vortex.
0:29 The tango instructor asks to join their crew.
Outshine (ft. Cine Mayo)
0:30 Second song Grim's crew dance to at the finals.
Squeeze Me (feat. Ben Westbeech)
0:32 The crew dance in the studio and the kids join in.
0:37 The crew film their dance at the science laboratory.
The Spark (feat. Spree Wilson)
0:40 They crew go to Las Vegas after getting accepted.
Let's Have a Taste
0:41 Jazz music as Moose and Sean walk into the studio.
Torture (feat. Eric Krasno)
0:45 When the team first enter their Vegas apartment.
Rage the Night Away (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)
0:47 First dance crew contests to this song at the vortex.
Do It (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
0:57 The dance crew go out in Vegas.
Every Little Step
1:00 Sean and Andie dance on the ride at the theme park.
Super Bumpin'
1:03 Moose is dancing at the casino.
My Homies Still (feat. Big Sean)
1:08 Dance fight in the boxing ring between Lmatrix and the mob.
Fight The Chaos
1:10 Dance fight continues. Round 2.
Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)
1:10 Round 3 at the dance fight.
1:17 After the team find out the competition was rigged. Aerial shots of Vegas.
Hands Up (Yellow Claw Remix)
1:28 First dance off the Chandeliers at the vortex finals.
1:30 Second song Grim's crew dance to at the finals.
I'm a Psycho (Saikyo)
1:31 Third song at the finals.
Lost In Blue
1:35 First song Lmntrix dance to in the finals.
Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah)
1:36 Second song during their dance.
Gangsta's Paradise (Candyland Remix)
1:39 Third song they dance to at the finals.
Revolution (feat. Faustix & Imanos & Kai)
1:40 Sean and Andie have a duet in the final before the whole crew joins in and they kiss.
Back To Earth (feat. Fall Out Boy)
1:43 After Lmntrix win.
Hands up in the Air
1:44 First song during end credits.
You and I
1:47 Second song during end credits.
Mariachi Noodle
Self Confidence
Burning Man Down
Djembe Madness
Moose is dancing in the (hotel) bar and then a girl kisses him.
One Toe Under

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  • stra00_M8 6 months ago
    There's a mistake. It is NOT Super bumpin'. It's "Skippin" by Mario!
    stra00_M8 6 months ago
    Ahah sorry, I mean it's Skippin by Mario, not by Thomas Theron ecc.