• The Matrix Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 29th 1998
  • Composer Don Davis
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Complete List of Songs

Dissolved Girl
0:06 Neo (Keanu Reeves) lies asleep in front of his computer screen before waking up to text.
Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Mix)
0:08 Neo follows 'The White Rabbit' down to the club. Trinity talks to him.
0:09 Second song that plays in the club. Neo is talking to Trinity and warns him.
Leave You Far Behind (Lunatics Roller Coaster Mix)
0:48 Neo and Morpheus are fighting in the training simulation.
Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix)
0:54 Neo's first time in the matrix. Morpheus is leading him through the streets and he notices a lady in a red dress.
1:04 They are getting to ready to enter the matrix from the ship. Morpheus answers the phone.
1:09 Neo's meeting with the Oracle.
I'm Beginning To See The Light
1:11 The second song during Neo's meeting with the Oracle.
Spybreak (Short One)
1:38 Neo and Trinity in the shootout with the police in the lobby.
2:03 Neo hangs up the phone, puts his sunglasses on and flys off. Plays into end credits.
2:06 Second (2nd) song in the end credits.
Begin The Run

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