Mean Girls (2004) Soundtrack 

Original Music Rolfe Kent
Official Soundtrack 14 Songs
Credited Songs 28 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Misty Canyon    Anjali Chatia
song plays as regina tries to fit into her spring fling dress at store 1 3 5 but fails.   
Rip Her To Shreds    Boomkat
0:01 Cady walks into school for the first time, and Janice-Ian tells her where she shouldn't sit in class.   
Milkshake    Kelis
0:17 Cady goes to Regina's house after going shopping.   
Overdrive    Kate Rose
0:18 They turn on the radio in Regina's room. Regina asks Cady if she knows who sings it.   
Operate    Peaches
0:24 Plays at the Halloween party. Regina talks to Aaron about Cady.   
The Mathlete Rap    Rajiv Surendra
0:35 The mathletes perform their rap on stage.   
Jingle Bell Rock    Joe Beal & Jim Boothe
0:36 The girls perform Jingle Bell Rock in front of the school. The CD player breaks and they sing the song instead.   
Pass That Dutch    Missy Elliott
0:41 The plastics are walking down the hallway at school in slow motion. Cady falls into the trash can.   
Fire (Yes, Yes Y\'all)    Joe Budden & Busta Rhymes
0:52 Song playing at Cady\'s party.   
God Is a DJ    Pink
1:18 They are all getting dressed and ready for prom night.   
Put em' Up    N.O.R.E.
1:20 Song playing at the prom. Damian is telling people to get their votes in. The lyrics 'Bounce Bounce' can be heard.   
Halcyon + On + On    Orbital
1:28 Final/last scene. Cady is sitting at the front of the school. Cady waves to Regina and watches the new plastics get hit by a bus, Plays briefly into   
Dancing With Myself    The Donnas
1:29 First song that plays in end credits.   
Hated    Nikki Cleary
Run    1 Gabriel Rene
Built This Way    Samantha Ronson
Cady turns away from Aaron to go shopping with the plastics. AND when Aaron is in Cady's room and sees the photo of her on an elephant. AND when   
Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix)    Pierre Henry
Love's Theme    Love Unlimited Orchestr
Beautiful    Daniel Franzese
The Flying TV Episode    Fred Mollin
Jason and Dad    Fred Mollin
One Way or Another    Blondie
Cady and Janis try to sabotage Regina by giving her foot cream for her face. They cut holes in her bra and she unintentionally starts a trend. AND   
Let Me Let Go    Debi Nova
At Seventeen    Janis Ian
Slow    Gabriel Rene and Gina Rene
Here I Come    Joe Faraci
Mean Gurl    Gabriel Rene and Gina Rene


1 Dancing With Myself Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Donnas
2 God Is a DJ Pink
3 Milkshake Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Kelis
4 Sorry (Don't Ask Me) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio All Too Much
5 Built This Way Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Samantha Ronson
6 Rip Her To Shreds Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Boomkat
7 Overdrive Kate Rose
8 One Way or Another Blondie
9 Operate Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Peaches
10 Misty Canyon Anjali Chatia
11 Mean Gurl Gabriel Rene and Gina Rene
12 Hated Nikki Cleary
13 Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix) Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Pierre Henry
14 The Mathlete Rap Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Rajiv Surendra
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