• Mean Girls Soundtrack

  • Film Release Apr 30th 2004
  • Composer Rolfe Kent
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Complete List of Songs

song plays as regina tries to fit into her spring fling dress at store 1 3 5 but fails.
Rip Her To Shreds
0:01 Cady walks into school for the first time, and Janice-Ian tells her where she shouldn't sit in class.
0:17 Cady goes to Regina's house after going shopping.
0:18 They turn on the radio in Regina's room. Regina asks Cady if she knows who sings it.
0:24 Plays at the Halloween party. Regina talks to Aaron about Cady.
The Mathlete Rap
0:35 The mathletes perform their rap on stage.
0:36 The girls perform Jingle Bell Rock in front of the school. The CD player breaks and they sing the song instead.
Pass That Dutch
0:41 The plastics are walking down the hallway at school in slow motion. Cady falls into the trash can.
Fire (Yes, Yes Y\'all)
0:52 Song playing at Cady\'s party.
God Is a DJ
1:18 They are all getting dressed and ready for prom night.
Put em' Up
1:20 Song playing at the prom. Damian is telling people to get their votes in. The lyrics 'Bounce Bounce' can be heard.
Halcyon + On + On
1:28 Final/last scene. Cady is sitting at the front of the school. Cady waves to Regina and watches the new plastics get hit by a bus, Plays briefly into end credits.
Dancing With Myself
1:29 First song that plays in end credits.
Built This Way
Cady turns away from Aaron to go shopping with the plastics. AND when Aaron is in Cady's room and sees the photo of her on an elephant. AND when Aaron dances with Cady at the prom.
Psyche Rock (Fatboy Slim Malpaso Mix)
The Flying TV Episode
Jason and Dad
One Way or Another
Cady and Janis try to sabotage Regina by giving her foot cream for her face. They cut holes in her bra and she unintentionally starts a trend. AND when they try to make Aaron catch Regina in the projection room.
Let Me Let Go
At Seventeen
Here I Come

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