• Pretty Woman Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 1989
  • Composer James Newton Howard
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Complete List of Songs

Where Vivian is in the tub singing
Scene where Vivian & Edward are flying to the opera
King of Wishful Thinking
0:03 First song. Edward drives Philips car through the streets of Beverley Hills.
Real Wild Child (Wild One)
0:04 Vivian is getting dressed up as a prostitute.
Wild Woman Do
0:38 Vivian goes shopping for nice, elegant clothes with Edwards money at 'Rodeo Drive'.
1:28 Vivian is looking for Kit at the 'Blue Banana'. Edward gets cornered by drug dealers.
It Must Have Been Love
1:50 Vivian leaves Edward. Plays in the cab with Vivian while Edward looks out from his balcony.
No Explanations
1:57 Second song played in end credits.
Life in Detail
Show Me Your Soul
You Don't Understand
Vivaldi: Autumn (The Four Seasons)
Vivaldi: Spring (The Four Seasons)
Vivaldi: Winter (The Four Seasons)
Oh, Pretty Woman
Vivian tries on all her new clothes, the shop assistants are nice to her this time. She walks back to the hotel. AND first song in end credits.
Richard Gere's Piano Solo
She Rescues Him RIght Back
One Sweet Letter From You
Selections from La Traviata

Official Soundtrack

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Questions (2)

  • Sulait_Mallick 4 months ago
    what is the background music playing when vivian ask richard gere not to go to work and the whole date scene.
  • Jennifer_Lopez 2 years ago
    Where vivian(julia roberts) is in the tub singing a song.....does anyone know what this song is??
    mydamonn 1 year ago
    It's called Kiss by Prince