• Rushmore Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 1997
  • Composer Mark Mothersbaugh
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Complete List of Songs

Making Time
0:04 Max's extracurricular activities that he is a part of are being shown
0:11 Max's father is introduced (shown working in his barbershop)
Concrete and Clay
0:14 Max is trying to save Latin with his petition
Nothin' In This World Can Stop Me Worrying' 'Bout That Girl
0:16 Herman is throwing golf balls into the pool while watching his wife and her young male friend
A Summer Song
0:20 Herman gives Max a cheque for his research on aquarium endevours
0:25 After the play he informs his dad he must go on a date
Here Comes My Baby
0:36 They are all in the car. Rosemary is tutoring Max. Max and the cheerleaders are performing at the game
Jersey Thursday
0:44 Max enters Rosemarys classroom and thanks her for ruining his life. He then goes and watch a fire burn
A Quick One While He's Away
0:46 Max releases bees into Hermans room. Then Herman steals Maxs bike and runs it over. Max tampers with Hermans car brakes. Max then gets arrested
0:55 Song when Herman knocks a tree down by pulling its twigs. Max goes to work for his dad.
Rue St. Vincent
1:03 Max plays a tape at Rosemarys house
1:09 Song as Max is talking to Dirk while he flies a kite
1:12 Max and Herman ride through the factory. They found the kite flying club.
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
1:14 Max brings Mr. Blume into the barbershop to finally meet his father
Manoir de Mes Reves
1:21 Rosemary talks to Peter after the play. Max talks to Margarets parents before introducing everyone. Max then dances with Margaret
1:24 Dj plays this song in final scenes, and it continues into the end credits
Snowflake Music

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