Rushmore (1998) Soundtrack 

Original Music Mark Mothersbaugh
Official Soundtrack 20 Songs
Credited Songs 18 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Making Time    Creation
0:04 Max's extracurricular activities that he is a part of are being shown   
Take Ten    Paul Desmond
0:11 Max's father is introduced (shown working in his barbershop)   
Concrete and Clay    Unit 4 + 2
0:14 Max is trying to save Latin with his petition   
Nothin' In This World Can Stop Me Worrying' 'Bout That Girl    The Kinks
0:16 Herman is throwing golf balls into the pool while watching his wife and her young male friend   
A Summer Song    Chad and Jeremy
0:20 Herman gives Max a cheque for his research on aquarium endevours   
Blinuet    Zoot Sims
0:25 After the play he informs his dad he must go on a date   
Here Comes My Baby    Cat Stevens
0:36 They are all in the car. Rosemary is tutoring Max. Max and the cheerleaders are performing at the game   
Jersey Thursday    Donovan
0:44 Max enters Rosemarys classroom and thanks her for ruining his life. He then goes and watch a fire burn   
A Quick One While He's Away    The Who
0:46 Max releases bees into Hermans room. Then Herman steals Maxs bike and runs it over. Max tampers with Hermans car brakes. Max then gets arrested   
I Am Waiting    The Rolling Stones
0:55 Song when Herman knocks a tree down by pulling its twigs. Max goes to work for his dad.   
Rue St. Vincent    Yves Montand
1:03 Max plays a tape at Rosemarys house   
The Wind    Cat Stevens
1:09 Song as Max is talking to Dirk while he flies a kite   
Oh Yoko    John Lennon
1:12 Max and Herman ride through the factory. They found the kite flying club.   
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing    The Vince Gauraldi Trio
1:14 Max brings Mr. Blume into the barbershop to finally meet his father   
Manoir de Mes Reves    Django Reinhardt
1:21 Rosemary talks to Peter after the play. Max talks to Margarets parents before introducing everyone. Max then dances with Margaret   
Ooh La La    The Faces
1:24 Dj plays this song in final scenes, and it continues into the end credits   
Snowflake Music    Mark Mothersbaugh


1 Hardest Geometry Problem In the World Mark Mothersbaugh
2 Making Time Creation
3 Concrete and Clay Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Unit 4 + 2
4 Nothin' In This World Can Stop Me Worrying' 'Bout That Girl Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Kinks
5 Sharp Little Guy Mark Mothersbaugh
6 The Lad With the Silver Button Mark Mothersbaugh
7 A Summer Song Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Chad & Jeremy
8 Edward Appleby Mark Mothersbaugh
9 Here Comes My Baby Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Cat Stevens
10 A Quick One While He's Away Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio The Who
11 Snowflake Music Mark Mothersbaugh
12 Piranhas Are a Very Tricky Species Mark Mothersbaugh
13 Blinuet Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Zoot Sims
14 Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends Mark Mothersbaugh
15 Rue St. Vincent Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Yves Montand
16 Kite Flying Society Mark Mothersbaugh
17 The Wind Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Cat Stevens
18 Oh Yoko Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio John Lennon
19 Ooh La La The Faces
20 Margaret Yang's Theme Mark Mothersbaugh
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