The Wedding Date (2005) Soundtrack 

Original Music Blake Neely
Credited Songs 16 Songs
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Views 3949 (Oct), 63015 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Breatless The Corrs
0:03 Kat getting ready for the airport   
Serenade For Lovers Dick Walter
0:11 Arriving to the first party before the wedding   
One Fine Day Song Available on Rdio The Chiffons
0:27 Playing softball at the park   
I Got The Feeling James Brown
0:40 Kat is at the ATM after the bachelorette party   
All Out Of Love Song Available on Rdio Air Supply
0:41 Partying at the limo after the bachelorette party   
Secret Song Available on Rdio Maroon 5
0:42 Kat take Nick to the boat and have sex   
Sway Song Available on Rdio Michael Buble
0:48 The rehearsal of the wedding dance   
Home Song Available on Rdio Michael Buble
1:06 The night after Nick and Kat fight and ending credits   
Save The Last Dance For Me Song Available on Rdio Michael Buble
1:16 The wedding and the wedding party   
Moonlight Waltz John Arkell
When We Are Together Song Available on Rdio Texas
King's Road Michale Melvoin
The Lavander Room Dick Walter
Grosvenor House Terry Day
Amy and Kat at the bachelorette party talking about them and the wedding   
Lovedance Dave Rogers and Paul Shaw
I Want You To Dance With Me Amy Ward

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