The Hangover (2009) Soundtrack 

Original Music Christophe Beck
Credited Songs 20 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

It's Now or Never Song Available on Rdio El Vez
Movie begins. Wedding is being prepared.   
Thirteen Danzig
0:02 Opening credits. Montage of Las Vegas.   
Take It Off Song Available on Rdio The Donnas
0:09 They drive to Vegas   
Can't Tell Me Nothing Song Available on Rdio Kanye West
0:13 They arrive at Vegas and check-in to Caesar's.   
Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna) T.I.
0:16 They enter the Villa/room they get at Ceasars.   
Who Let the Dogs Out Baha Men
0:18 They walk to the elevator.   
Yeah! Song Available on Rdio Usher
0:22 They toast on the roof of Caesars. The sun rises.   
Fever Song Available on Rdio The Cramps
0:23 The morning after their big night. They're in the villa.   
What Do You Say? Song Available on Rdio Mickey Avalon
0:29 Down at the poolside after they leave the villa in search of Doug.   
Wedding Bells (Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine) Gene Vincent and his Blues Caps
0:38 At the wedding chapel. Stu finds out he got married.   
In the Air Tonight Phil Collins
0:58 They find Mike Tyson in their Villa/room   
Stu's Song Song Available on Rdio Ed Helms
1:02 Stu plays on the piano.   
Rhythm and Booze Song Available on Rdio Treat Her Right
1:03 Playing in the car while they're dropping off the Tiger.   
Iko Iko The Belle Stars
1:13 They come down the Escalator as 'Rain Man' and gamble.   
Joker and the Thief Wolfmother
1:14 They all play blackjack at the same table.   
Three Best Friends Song Available on Rdio Zach Galifianakis
1:17 Alan sings this in the back of the car.   
Ride the Sky II Song Available on Rdio Revolution Mother
1:28 The drive back home with Doug.   
Candy Shop The Dan Band
1:31 First reception song.   
Flashdance / Fame Song Available on Rdio The Dan Band
1:34 Second reception song.   
Right Round Song Available on Rdio Flo Rida
1:36 End credits start.   

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