• You, Me and Dupree Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2005
  • Composer Theodore Shapiro
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Complete List of Songs

Dupree is depressed and sitting on a bench in the rain listening to this song on a walkman.
Funky Cold Medina
When Dupree and mandy are at Molly and Carl's home, "fooling around" with the butter. Molly enters and sees Dupree and Mandy.
All Cause Of You
Back Of My Hand
Cut Your Hair
Smooth Operator
Molly and Carl are in the car listening and singing to this song, right before they find Dupree on a bench in the rain.
Roman Holiday Cues
Got To Be Some Changes Made
Buccaneer Woodpecker
Train In Vain (Stand By Me)
Spanish Stroll
Spanish Moon
Bust A Move
Right before the credits roll, Dupree is promoting his book "seven different kinds of smoke" and dancing around in the public along with Paco.
Love Removal Machine
Crickets Sing For Anna Maria
Flute Dream
Three Is A Magic Number
Into The Woods

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