• American Pie 2 Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 11th 2001
  • Composer David Lawrence
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Complete List of Songs

Everytime I Look For You
Studio Logo appears, opening scene begins
0:05 Heather comes out and sees Oz, then Kevin comes out and says hello to Summer
Anomaly (Calling Your Name)
0:06 Jim gets back to his room and sees a photo of Nadia
Blind Spot
0:07 The guys all return to 'Dog Years'
Good (For a Woman)
0:08 Plays at Stiflers party. He is making drinks in his kitchen
Always Getting Over You
0:11 Jim and Kevin see Vicki
0:13 Oz arrives at the Party
Flavor of the Weak
0:14 Sitlfer chases Finch out of his mums room
Bring You Down
0:16 Stifler gets pissed on from the balcony.
0:18 The guys are playing cards at the party. The cops come in to break it up.
0:22 They drive to the lake. Stifler yells from the back of the car
0:24 They unpack at the lake house
0:33 They have their first party at the lake house, Sherman detects no female lifeforms
0:35 Stifler uses Oz as bait by throwing the ball to a group of girls on the beach
0:36 Sherman uses the Sherminator on Jessica
In and Out
0:39 Stifler spots the Lesbians
Hash Pipe
0:42 The Lesbians leave their house and Stifler breaks in
Smooth Criminal
1:04 Jim superglues himself to himself
1:16 Montage of Jim and Michelle going on dates. Stifler plays volleyball and spies on girls at the beach. Jim practices unhooking a bra.
Another Day in the Life
1:20 The party at the lake house starts.
1:23 The guys return from the beach. Stifler kicks his little brother out of the party
Something Hot
1:25 Jim and Nadia walk along the beach, before entering the lighthouse
1:27 Kevin makes up with Vickis boyfriend
Place in the Sun
1:28 Heather arrives at the party and surprises Oz
(I'm Gonna) Split This Room In Half
1:30 Sherman and Nadia hit it off
Phoebe Cates
1:31 Stiflers little brother brings the lesbians into the party, but Stifler steals them from him.
Be Like That
1:33 Jim arrives at band camp and surprises Michelle. They kiss on stage.
In Too Deep
1:34 During the party. Heather and Oz are dancing. Jim dances with Michelle.
1:39 Finch leaves with Stiflers mum
Last Time Again
1:39 end credits start
1:42 Song during end credits.

Official Soundtrack

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Questions (3)

  • Fathead 1 year ago
    Anyone know the name of the song that's playing immediately after the house party when everyone's waking up?
    VinzClortho82 5 months ago
    The song is called "Bruise" by Oleander. It's hard to find since it's not on the official soundtrack or any of the band's albums.
    Nikon949 2 months ago
    I finally found a copy pre youtube, only took 3 years.
  • Can anyone tell me what is the name of the song at min 5:30, just when they finish their last exams and they start planning their summer and stuff? I've never been able to find it on internet
    Nikon949 2 months ago
    It's Bruise by Oleander.
  • Bromwyn_Chaney 2 years ago
    What is the name of the song in American Pie 2 where it says, "cause you're everywhere to me and when I close my eyes it's you I see?"
    tomm098 2 years ago
    "Everywhere" by Michelle Branch. Sorry, I must have forgot to add that one. The song it added in now. Thanks for letting us know.