17 Again (2009) Soundtrack 

Original Music Rolfe Kent
Official Soundtrack 14 Songs
Credited Songs 19 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Bust A Move Song Available on Rdio Young MC
0:02 First song. The cheerleaders are performing before the basketball game. Mike starts dancing with them.
Danger Zone Song Available on Rdio Kenny Loggins
0:24 Ned is playing video games at his house before Mike comes in to tell him what he is supposed to do.
The Underdog Song Available on Rdio Spoon
0:30 Mike/Mark arrives at school in his Audi R8 sports with his new cool look. He walks into school.
On My Own Song Available on Rdio Vincent Vincent and The Villains
0:51 Montage where Mike helps Alan train for the basketball team, while Ned tries to woo Jane by buying her a school bus.
This Is Love Song Available on Rdio Toby Lightman
0:54 Scarlet (Leslie Mann) is dancing in front of the mirror but catches Mike/Mark watching her.
Kid Song Available on Rdio The Pretenders
0:55 Mike/Mark plays this CD. Scarlet tells him this is the song her and her husband danced to at their wedding.
Nookie Limp Bizkit
0:58 Stan drives by to pick up Maggie for the party.
You Really Wake Up The Love in Me Song Available on Rdio Duke Spirit
0:59 Alex and Mike/Mark go to the bowling alley.
Can't Say No Song Available on Rdio The Helio Sequence
1:01 2nd song that plays in the bowling alley. Alex attempts to talk to the girl he likes but his leg catches on fire.
L.E.S. Artistes Santogold
1:10 1st song that plays at Mikes/Marks house party. Alex is talking to the girl he likes.
Rich Girls Song Available on Rdio The Virgins
1:12 2nd song that plays at the party. Maggie is talking to Stan but Mike/Mark tells him to leave.
Drop Song Available on Rdio Ying Yang Twins
1:16 3rd that plays at the party. Mike/Mark sees Scarlet and talks to her about Alex.
The Greatest Song Available on Rdio Cat Power
1:25 Mike/Mark leaves the court room after reading the letter. Scarlet postpones the hearing.
Cherish Kool & the Gang
1:27 Song in the car while Ned and Jane drive home. They talk about Halo before nearly crashing into a group of teens.
Fergalicious Fergie
1:28 Cheerleaders are performing/dancing to this song before the basketball game.
Naive Song Available on Rdio The Kooks
1:34 The basketball games begins. Mike finds Jane sleeping with Ned. Song plays into end credits.
Original Music for 17 Again Rolfe Kent
Score/Theme music
Olympian Bass and Drums The McKinley South Experience


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