• P.S. I Love You Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2006
  • Composer John Powell
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Complete List of Songs

Love You 'til the End
Movie begins. Holly and Gerry head home, Gerry asks hers if she's angry
0:10 Gerry is dancing for Holly as she lies in bed.
Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken
0:12 Opening credits.
Fairytale of New York
0:15 Gerry's favourite song is playing at the wake.
Safe and Sound
0:16 2nd song that plays at the wake. Denise is talking to a guy at the bar and finds out he's gay.
Everything We Had
0:17 3rd song playing at the wake. Denise starts talking to George.
Heartbeat at the Center of the World
0:17 4th song that plays at the wake. Holly is talking to Ciara and finds out Gerry wrote to her.
0:18 5th song that plays at the wake.
The Man That Got Away
0:24 Three weeks later. Holly is singing along to the TV.
Got Me Like Oh
0:30 The girls try to get into the gay club. They get in by convincing the bouncer.
Cupid Shuffle (Solitaire Mix)
0:31 Song plays in the gay bar/club.
In the Beginning
0:32 Song when Ciara is playing snaps with her friends.
No Other Love
0:37 Holly reminisces about Gerry getting dressed as she flicks the light on and off.
Mustang Sally
0:41 Gerry sings Karaoke.
Gett Off
0:43 Holly sings karaoke, but breaks her nose.
The Last Train Home
0:45 Plays in the Karaoke bar. Denise gets angry.
0:48 Denise starts talking to a guy. He kisses her.
Take It All Back
0:49 Daniel tells Holly that she's a horrible singer.
1:01 Plays in the bar after the girls watch William perform.
The Galway Girl
1:04 William performs but Holly can't help but think about Gerry performing the same song at the bar.
1:34 Holly is designing shoes.
My Sweet Song
1:40 Holly is sitting in the restaurant, but leaves.
P.S. I Love You
1:47 Song during Winter when Holly looks at the letter in the park. Holly reads a letter in her apartment after a phone message.
If I Ever Leave This World Alive
1:53 Photograph montage. Plays into end credits.
Same Mistake
1:56 2nd song to play in the end credits.
It's a Long Way to Tipperary
Hat Fulla Sand
Steps (from Now Voyager)

Official Soundtrack

P.S. I Love You Official Soundtrack
P.S. I Love You Official Soundtrack

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