• 2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 6th 2003
  • Composer David Arnold
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Complete List of Songs

First song. They're closing the road so they can have a street race.
The cars are showing off their sound systems before the race. First song.
Rollin' on 20's
The cars are showing off their sound systems. Second song.
Act a Fool
The cars are showing off their sound systems at the start of the movie. Third song.
0:23 Brian (Paul Walker) and Tyrese (Tyrese Gibson) are shown the cars they're gonna drive. Monica (Eva Mendes) gets in the car with Brian and they drive off.
0:25 Song after Brian does the \'drive and stare\' on Monica. They drive to Carter\'s place.
0:28 Song when Carter tells all the drivers to retrieve the package from his red ferrari. Brian and Tyrese race on the highway.
Deport Them
0:31 Brian and Tyrese are racing for the package. They fly past either side of a guy in the middle of the street.
Peter Piper
0:52 Brian and Tyrese enter the club, 'The Pearl'. They are checking out all the girls.
Hands in the Air
0:53 2nd song playing the club, 'The Spread'. Carter Verone asks for Tyrese and Brian to join him and they talk in the back.
Block Reincarnated
1:00 Playing at the club after Carter puts the rat in the bucket. Carter kisses and threatens Monica if he touches another man again.
1:01 The guys are playing poker.
1:08 Brian and Tyrese are getting their cars retuned and fixed up at Jimmy's garage.
Soul Vibrations
On and On and On
The Beat Goes On
Get Out the Way

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