• The Boat That Rocked Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 13th 2009
  • Composer David Newman
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Complete List of Songs

The bouncy tune at the beginning. Facts are displayed about British radio.
All Day and All of the Night
0:01 The first song 'The Count' plays on Pirate Radio. More stats are showed on screen, as well as various people listening/dancing.
Hi Ho Silver Lining
0:03 Carl arrives on the boat.
Yesterday Man
0:05 Carl is introduced to everyone on the boat.
Friday On My Mind
0:06 Dave puts this song on Pirate Radio.
Here Comes the Night
0:10 The prime minister gives Sir Alistair the job of shutting down Pirate Radio.
Hang On Sloopy
0:11 The Count tries to say the F word on radio. Quentin stops him and they play this song instead.
0:12 They play this song while discussing the F word, not knowing they left their mics on.
Silence Is Golden
0:14 Simple Simon plays this song on his segment.
Tell It Like It Is
0:16 Shows different groups of people listening to Midnight Marks broadcast. They are smoking, drinking and dancing.
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)
0:17 'Midnight Marks' next song. The girls arrive on the boat
All Over The World (Dans Le Monde Entier)
0:18 'The sad room'. Dave tries to get Carl out of his 'predicament'
To Sir, With Love
0:21 Gently plays in the background while Dave gives Carl instructions to trick the girl he is sleeping with to believe that Carl is him.
Sunshine Superman
0:25 They meet 'Smooth Bob' while they're all eating at the table.
0:27 Quentin informs them all that the government has cut their advertising revenue. But also that Gavin Kavanagh will return.
The Happening
0:28 After Quentin tells them Gavin Cavinagh will return. They all get excited.
Jumpin' Jack Flash
0:29 'Simple Simon' devotes this song to Gavin Cavinagh. He arrives on the boat and they all welcome him.
0:31 Gavin plays his first broadcast.
For Your Love
0:31 Gavin's second song he plays. He says 'it will make you moist'
A World of Our Own
0:33 Angus 'The Nut' is playing The Seekers during his broadcast
Georgy Girl
0:33 Angus 'The Nut' is plays another 'Seekers' song during his broadcast
These Arms of Mine
0:34 Carl meets Marriane. He borrows a condom from Dave
0:34 Playing during dinner with Carl and Marianne.
0:35 Playing during dinner with Carl and Marianne. 'Doctor Dave' comes in and interupts.
This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)
0:37 Carl searches the boat for another condom after throwing the one Dave gave him out the window into the sea.
So Long, Marianne
0:39 Carl is saddened after he finds Marianne with Doctor Dave. They others try to cheer him up with biscuits.
She'd Rather Be With Me
0:42 The competition winners arrive on the boat.
I Feel Free
0:44 Quentin informs the visitors they are going, but realises many are missing.
0:46 Simon tells everyone he's getting married.
0:49 They all walk around Britain in search of pubs.
I've Been a Bad Bad Boy
0:50 The day after the Stag party. Kevin tells Carl his theory on why he is there.
0:52 The wedding day starts. Elenore is waving from the boat.
With a Girl Like You
0:55 Morning after the wedding. Carl talks to Simon about his night of love.
Stay With Me (Baby)
0:59 Simon and Elenore break up after 17 hours of marriage. Simon sings this song.
'Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu' (For A Few Dollars More)
1:02 The Count and Gavin climb the mast.
1:07 After Gavin and The Count hurt themselves from the jump. They do a broadcast together.
Sunny Afternoon
1:08 Gavin plays this after he apologises to Simon. Montage of people listening and dancing. They throw Angus in the ocean.
My Generation
1:12 Gavin plays this song. Sir Alistair is listening through the radio. Twatt apologies to him.
Little Saint Nick
1:13 It's christmas time. Quentin tells Carl his mother is coming.
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
1:14 Carls mother arrives on board.
Girl Don't Come
1:19 Carl says goodbye to his mum. She tells him Bob is his father.
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
1:21 Carl goes and sits with Bob after he finds out he is his dad.
1:23 Bob plays this on his broadcast after he finds out Carl is his son.
The End of the World
1:25 The new law is passed that means Pirate Radio will now be breaking the law to broadcast.
Adagio from 'Nimrod' from 'Enigma Variations'
1:28 They all take turns announcing why they'll stay on the ship.
Let's Spend the Night Together
1:31 The first illegal song they play.
This Guy's In Love With You
1:34 Carl and Marianne sleep together. Marianne finds another girl on the boat. They stare at each other.
1:36 They all wait for Carl as he leaves his room. They congratulate him on having sex.
I Can See for Miles
1:38 The government comes to take down their ship.
Dambusters March
1:39 They set sail.
A Whiter Shade of Pale
1:43 Gavin gives the ships co-ordinates to the listeners as the ship sinks. He then plays this song.
Won't Get Fooled Again
1:48 The Count runs back to the broadcast room, while Carl tries to save his dad.
Father and Son
1:49 Bob falls through the hole. He is drowning but wont let go of his records. Carl is trying to save him.
Nights in White Satin
1:51 The Count gives one last message to their listeners. He says 'music will be the wonder of the world'
Sink or Swim
1:56 They jump in the water and each swim to different rescue boats.
Let's Dance
2:01 Movie ends. Facts about the new era of rock n roll. Many various albums shown.
Stay With Me Baby
2:03 End credits start. First song.
Amy's Song
Wouldn't It Be Nice

Official Soundtrack

The Boat That Rocked Official Soundtrack
1 Stay With Me Baby 0
2 All Day and All of the Night 0
The Kinks
3 Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) 0
John Fred and His Playboy Band
4 Dancing In the Street 0
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
5 Wouldn't It Be Nice 0
The Beach Boys
6 Ooo Baby Baby 0
Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
7 Hi Ho Silver Lining 0
Jeff Beck
8 I Can See for Miles 0
The Who
9 With a Girl Like You 0
The Troggs
10 I'm Alive 0
The Hollies
11 Yesterday Man 0
Chris Andrews
12 I've Been a Bad Bad Boy 0
Paul Jones
13 Silence Is Golden 0
The Tremeloes
14 Friday On My Mind 0
The Easybeats
15 My Generation 0
The Who
16 I Feel Free 0
17 The Wind Cries Mary 0
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
18 These Arms of Mine 0
Otis Redding
19 The Happening 0
The Supremes
20 Cleo's Mood 0
Jr. Walker and The All Stars
21 98.6 0
The Bystanders
22 Sunny Afternoon 0
The Kinks
23 Father and Son 0
Cat Stevens
24 Nights In White Satin 0
The Moody Blues, Peter Knight & London Festival Orchestra
25 You Don't Have to Say You Love Me 0
Dusty Springfield
26 Stay With Me (Baby) 0
Lorraine Ellison
27 This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You) 0
The Isley Brothers
28 Let's Dance 0
David Bowie

Trailer Music

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  • BJEvS 1 year ago
    The Pirate Radio entry shows 59 songs. Heard another not listed: "Gimme' Some Lovin' " by The Spencer Davis Group - so now 60 songs! Does anyone have a list (or link/URL) to every song? Thanks upfront, BJEvS