Never Back Down (2008) Soundtrack 

Original Music Michael Wandmacher
Credited Songs 21 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Above and Below Song Available on Rdio The Bravery
0:07 Jake arrives at his new school, he eats lunch on the grandstand.   
Anthem For The Underdog 12 Stones
0:14 The school watches/stares at Jake as he walks down the halls. Baja offers him a ride after school.   
Its OK, But Just This Once! Song Available on Rdio Gym Class Heroes
0:16 Jake arrives at the party. He walks in with Max. He meets Ryan and walks around the party.   
Teenagers Song Available on Rdio My Chemical Romance
0:19 Ryan and Jake watch from the party balcony onto the organized fights below.   
Someday Song Available on Rdio Flipsyde
0:28 After the fight between Ryan and Jake. People are talking about it at school, Jake spends the day in bed.   
Wolf Like Me Song Available on Rdio T.V. on the Radio
0:33 Jake shows up at Jeans gym, he asks to join the advance class. Jean has him do an intense warm up.   
Under the Knife Song Available on Rdio Rise Against
0:42 Jean teaches Jake how to effectively breathe during training. Montage of Jake and the others training.   
Rock Star (feat. Lil Wayne) Chamillionaire feat. Lil Wayne
0:51 After Jake beats up the three guys in the hummer after they beep at him and Max.   
Be Safe Song Available on Rdio The Cribs
0:58 After Jakes little brother gets a black eye. Jake goes to the gym but Jean closes the door on him. Jake and Max sit in the car eating fast food.   
Harder Better Faster Stronger Song Available on Rdio Daft Punk
1:00 Sampled in \'Stronger\'   
Cola Bottle Baby Song Available on Rdio Edwin Birdsong
1:00 Sampled in \'Stronger\'   
False Pretense Song Available on Rdio Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
1:02 After Jean takes him back at the gym. Montage of Jake training.   
You Are Mine Song Available on Rdio Mutemath
1:13 Baja and Jake play fight in Jakes room.   
Tales from the South Tiesto
1:15 Ryan is at his house training before the beatdown. His father yells at him.   
Stronger Kanye West
1:25 Jake gets ready to fight Ryan after he beats up Max. Plays as he enters \'The Beatdown\'.   
Crank That (Travis Barker Remix) Soulja Boy
1:28 Ryan and Jake are called up for their fight at the beatdown.   
The Slam Toby McKeehan and T-Bone
1:30 Ryan and Jake knock some of their opponents out, all with ease.   
Time Won\'t Let Go The Bravery
1:44 Jake and Max drive into school after the fight. They walk in. Jake kisses Baja. Jean leaves the gym. Credits start.   
Orange Marmalade Song Available on Rdio Mellowdrone
Outta Control King Juju

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Questions (1) Ask Question

Daddy Yankee level 1 | 4 months ago
Hi to everyone! I am writing in this place because "Never Back Down 2 - The Beatdown" is not still uploaded on this site. However could you say me his trailer songs? I refer to the second film, not to the Never Back Down (2008)
tomm098 level 5   admin | 4 months ago
I'll add the sequel to the site now, we've had a fair few requests for it.