• Mean Streets Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 1972
  • Composer N/A
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Complete List of Songs

First song. Opening credits.
0:06 Playing in the bar. Charlie is walking through the bar and he gets up on the stage and dances.
I Looked Away
0:09 2nd song playing in the bar. A fight breaks out and Charlie and Michael try to split them up. Johnny Boy arrives.
Jumpin' Jack Flash
0:11 3rd song that plays in the bar. Johnny Boy walks into the bar in slow motion with girls on his arm. Charlie takes Johnny into the back to talk.
0:17 4th song playing in the bar. Johnny Boy and Charlie are discussing money and debt in the back
I Met Him On A Sunday
0:23 Playing in the car with Michael and the two kids. The kids try to pay with a cheque and get out of the car and count the money.
0:25 Johnny Boy and Charlie are driving around in the car. A begger washes their windshield/windscreen.
Those Oldies But Goodies
0:28 Plays in the pool hall. Charlie is talking to the owner of the pool hall. Johnny Boy tells him to turn the music down and insults the girls next to the jukebox.
Please Mr. Postman
0:29 A fight breaks out in the pool hall.
0:57 Charlie is talking to the dancer, Diane, as he gets ready.
It's In His Kiss
1:03 Charlie puts his hand in the fire in the kitchen. He then shouts at Theresa and tells her to meet him downstairs.
I Love You So
1:08 Charlie gets ready and shaves in his apartment before leaving.
Ship of Love
1:10 Charlie arrives at the bar and gives someone a flag. He then plays pool with shot glasses.
Rubber Biscuit
1:12 Charlie staggers drunk around the bar.
Pledging My Love
1:16 Jerry gets angry in the bar and starts attacking a woman. Meanwhile Charlie looks after the girl and dances with her.
Baby Oh Baby
1:33 Charlie and Johnny Boy sit at the bar. Charlie is talking to a Jewish girl before getting in a fight.
Mickey's Monkey
1:39 Johnny Boy dances outside the car while Charlie tells him to get in.
Steppin\' Out
1:42 Song when Charlie and Johnny Boy are in the car with a girl. The get shot at by Michaels men while driving along.
Ritmo Sabroso
Munasterio's Santa-Chiara

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