• Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2008
  • Composer Rolfe Kent
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Complete List of Songs

0:06 First song when Connor drives to the wedding rehearsal in the snow. Song originally by \'Deep Purple\'.
0:24 Playing while people are dancing at the wedding. Sandra introduces Brad to Jenny.
0:33 Playing at the middle school dance.
Keep On Loving You
0:34 Slow dance plays at the middle school dance. The young Connor watches Jenny kiss another guy.
0:37 Uncle Wayne takes the teenage Connor to a bar, after Connor decides he wants to learn his tricks.
0:39 2nd song that plays at the bar with Uncle Connor. He is teaching the teenage Connor lessons in picking up woman.
I Hate Myself for Loving You
0:42 Playing at the basement party. Connor arrives with his new music.
Nothin' But A Good Time
0:43 2nd song that plays at the basement party. Connor starts making out Allison.
6 Underground
0:44 Connor is at a bar. He has long hair and he runs into Jenny.
0:45 Connor talks to Jenny at the bar. He orders drinks for them. They plan to have dinner.
Time After Time
0:49 Montage of Connor and Jenny.
0:53 Connor walks through all the bar with all the girls he slept with and dated.
0:56 Song during the dance rehearsal for the wedding. Jenny dances with Brad. Connor is trying to fix his wedding cake dilemma.
Holding Back the Years
1:08 Song at the apartment/house of the 3 ex-girlfriends that Connor broke up with on a conference call.
Here Comes the Bride
1:16 Song at Jenny\'s wedding when his future ghost shows him.
Wedding March
1:17 Plays at Jenny's future wedding when she marries Brad.
1:22 Connor drives a car through the house and into the snow in chase of Sandra.
You Can\'t Hurry Love (feat. Sharon Jones)
1:29 Song at the wedding reception. Originally by \'The Supremes\'
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
1:37 Song in end credits.
Don't Say Love (The Smooth Mix)
Gillian's Song
Yeah (Dream of Me) - The Interstellar Remix
Sleep (The Ambient Mix)
Got a Lot of Love for You Baby

Official Soundtrack

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Official Soundtrack
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Official Soundtrack

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