The Replacements (2000) Soundtrack 

Original Music John Debney
Official Soundtrack 16 Songs
Credited Songs 20 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Ziplock    1 Lit
During football practice and Shane sees Anabelle   
Jenny Take a Ride    Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
We Will Rock You    Queen
Rock and Roll Part 2    Gary Glitter
I Will Survive    Gloria Gaynor
Unbelievable    E.M.F.
I Don't Wanna Be Your Girlfriend    2 Kelly Owens
Moon Is Up    The Rolling Stones
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)    Th Hit Crew
Bust A Move    Young MC
Takin' Car of Business    Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Bad Girls    Donna Summer
Bohemian Like You    The Dandy Warhols
Blinded by Rainbows    The Rolling Stones
You Got Me Rockin'    The Rolling Stones
Disasterpiece    Sugar Ray
Heroes    Marc Bonilla & Font 48
Every Breath You Take    The Police
On Wisconsin    Carl Beck and W.T. Purdy


1 The Replacements Remix Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio John Debney
2 I Don't Wanna Be Your Girlfriend 2 Kelly Owens
3 Second Chance Bret Domrose
4 Bust A Move Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Young MC
5 I Will Survive Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Gloria Gaynor
6 The Dallas Game 1 John Debney
7 Falco John Debney
8 Strikebreakers: I. the Bus Arrives / II. Armed Guards / III. Let's Play John Debney
9 Wild Yam / the Look In Your Eyes Font 48
10 R.O.W.D.I.E. Font 48
11 Chicks Dig Scars John Debney
12 Training Camp: I. Falco Drops the Ball / II. He's Wirey / III. Clifford Font 48
13 Football: Replacements Style: I. Get Me the Ball / II. Cochran Scores / III. John Debney
14 Rock and Roll Part 2 Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Gary Glitter
15 Falco Changes the Play John Debney
16 Martel Crossed 1 John Debney
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