• The Replacements Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 29th 1999
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

Official Soundtrack

The Replacements Official Soundtrack
1 The Replacements Remix Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio John Debney
2 I Don't Wanna Be Your Girlfriend Kelly Owens
3 Second Chance Bret Domrose
4 Bust A Move Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Young MC
5 I Will Survive Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Gloria Gaynor
6 The Dallas Game John Debney
7 Falco John Debney
8 Strikebreakers: I. the Bus Arrives / II. Armed Guards / III. Let's Play John Debney
9 Wild Yam / the Look In Your Eyes Font 48
10 R.O.W.D.I.E. Font 48
11 Chicks Dig Scars John Debney
12 Training Camp: I. Falco Drops the Ball / II. He's Wirey / III. Clifford Font 48
13 Football: Replacements Style: I. Get Me the Ball / II. Cochran Scores / III. John Debney
14 Rock and Roll Part 2 Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Gary Glitter
15 Falco Changes the Play John Debney
16 Martel Crossed John Debney

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