Eight Legged Freaks (2002) Soundtrack 

Original Music John Ottman
Official Soundtrack 17 Songs
Credited Songs 5 Songs
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Views 246 (May), 4216 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Dim Memory    Brett Eliason
0:08 First song. Chris is traveling on the bus back home.   
Itsy Bitsy Spider    Joey DeLuxe
1:32 1st song that plays in end credits.   
Diablo    Triple Seven
Strangers in the Night    Fantastic Strings


1 Spider Mania John Ottman
2 Spider Shack John Ottman
3 Cat Napped John Ottman
4 Trailer Trashed John Ottman
5 Investigating John Ottman
6 Mall Mayhem John Ottman
7 Bedroom Attack John Ottman
8 Out of the Fire John Ottman
9 Spider Got Your Tongue John Ottman
10 Scurry Flurry John Ottman
11 They Will Come John Ottman
12 Spider Assault John Ottman
13 Shopping Spree John Ottman
14 The Tunnels John Ottman
15 Climactic Plan John Ottman
16 All's Well That Ends Well John Ottman
17 Spiders and Cycles John Ottman
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