• Zombieland Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 2nd 2010
  • Composer David Sardy
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Complete List of Songs

0:01 The first scene, showing DC and the united states of zombieland explanation.
For Whom the Bell Tolls
0:03 First song. Plays during opening credits during the slow motion shots.
Feels so Good
0:06 Plays briefly when Columbus drives off in the car. Plays before a zombie pops up in the back seat.
You're a Wolf
0:13 Columbus is at home for the 3rd week in a row. Playing world of warcraft and eating pizza before the girl from 406 knocks on his door.
No One's Gonna Love You
0:14 Columbus lets the girl from 406 into his apartment. She tells him about a homeless guy that tried to bite her. They fall asleep on the couch.
Dueling Banjos
0:22 Tallahassee plays this on his banjo to lure the zombies out. This song is from the movie 'Deliverance'.
Gold Guns Girls
0:26 Wichita and Little Rock drive away Tallahassee and Columbus after stealing their car and guns. They are talking about Pacific Playland.
Everybody Wants Some
0:30 Columbus and Tallahassee find the yellow hummer/vortex V8 and big guns in the back seat. Tallahassee takes some time to shoot the guns in the air. They drive off to this song.
Puppy Love
0:31 Tallahassee recalls what home was. He remembers his puppy, Buck.
0:40 Wichita stops to let Columbus out, but he realizes he wants to be with her and stays in the car. They drive off into the night. Tallahassee wants to pull over.
The Marriage of Figaro, K.492
0:44 the scene where the four of them break everything in the store, with all of the indian memorabilia.
Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain
0:44 After they destroy the store, they get in the car. Tallahassee can't believe Little Rock doesn't know who Willie Nelson is.
Popular from 'Wicked'
0:45 after the store destruction, while Tallahassee is arguing with Little Rock about Hannah Montana in the car.
Kingdom of Rust
0:46 They arrive in California. Columbus says they are having fun for the first time in a long time. They drive into Hollywood to find a place to sleep.
0:49 Columbus and Little Rock watch Ghostbusters together.
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
0:52 Tallahassee and Wichita smoke weed with Bill Murray
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
0:57 Tallahassee is teaching Little Rock how to shoot in Bill Murrays house.
0:59 Columbus and Wichita slow dance, they nearly kiss but Tallahassee interrupts them.
1:19 After Columbus saves Wichita and Little Rock from the Blast Off ride. Columbus and Wichita kiss and they go find Tallahassee.
Salute Your Solution
1:22 Last song. Little Rock throws Tallahassee a Twinkie. They all get in the car and drive off. Plays into end credits.
It's Only Wednesday
Hard to Come Back
Death Prayer In Heaven's Orchard
Moonlight Kiss
Feel Good About It
Vienna Blood Op.354

Official Soundtrack

Zombieland Official Soundtrack
1 Opening 0
David Sardy
2 Cardio 0
David Sardy
3 The Standoff 0
David Sardy
4 Escalade Sting 0
David Sardy
5 Hostess Truck 0
David Sardy
6 406 0
David Sardy
7 Carpush Manwich 0
David Sardy
8 Grocery Store 0
David Sardy
9 Marriagable 0
David Sardy
10 Girls Abandon Boys 0
David Sardy
11 Smash the Van 0
David Sardy
12 Walk 'n' Talk 0
David Sardy
13 The Yellow Hummer 0
David Sardy
14 Clown Dump 0
David Sardy
15 H3lp 0
David Sardy
16 Gas 'n' Gulp 0
David Sardy
17 The Quiet Game 0
David Sardy
18 Zombie Kill of the Week 0
David Sardy
19 Zombie Kimosabe 0
David Sardy
20 Searching the Murray House 0
David Sardy
21 Zombie in the House 0
David Sardy
22 Monopoly 0
David Sardy
23 Pacific Playland, Pt. 1 0
David Sardy
24 Pacific Playland, Pt. 2 0
David Sardy
25 Columbus Alone 0
David Sardy
26 Pacific Playland, Pt. 3 0
David Sardy
27 Pacific Playland, Pt. 4 0
David Sardy
28 Estasi Dell Anima 1
David Sardy
29 Clown 0
David Sardy
30 Rat Scare 0
David Sardy
31 As Close As I'll Ever Get to Home 0
David Sardy

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