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Complete List of Songs

Dead Sound Song Available on Rdio The Raveonettes
Bliss and Oliver play marco polo while trying to find his car keys.
Knocked Up Song Available on Rdio Kings Of Leon
First song. Movie starts, opening credits. At pagent.
Sheena is a Punk rocker Song Available on Rdio The Ramones
0:11 The girls drive to the roller derby.
Learnalilgivinanlovin Song Available on Rdio Gotye
0:12 The roller derby team, the hurl scouts, are introduced by the host.
I Know What I Am Song Available on Rdio Band of Skulls
0:13 The Holy Rollers derby team is introduced by the host.
Domingo No Parque Song Available on Rdio Gilberto Gil
0:16 The girls, Bliss and Pash walk back to the car after finding out roller derby tryouts were coming up. They drive home.
Caught Up In You .38 Special
0:22 After Bliss gets accepted into the team. Montage of her training.
Boys Wanna Be Her Song Available on Rdio Peaches
0:29 1st song during Bliss's first game against the widows.
What\'s the Attitude Song Available on Rdio Cut Chemist feat. Hymnal
0:31 Song during the 2nd run against the widows.
Another Sweet Summer's Night on Hammer Hill Jens Lekman
0:36 Bliss walks upstairs at the party.
Unattainable Little Joy
0:37 Bliss plays this song on the record player at the party. Oliver comes in and says 'nice choice'
Jolene Song Available on Rdio Dolly Parton
0:42 Song in the diner. Bliss and Pash start dancing and singing along. Oliver shows up outside.
Punk as Fuck Song Available on Rdio American Analog Set
0:44 Song in the car with Bliss and Oliver after he shows up at her work.
Deep in the Heart of Texas Song Available on Rdio Gene Autry
0:45 Oliver and Bliss sing this lying on the hood of his car.
Bang On Song Available on Rdio The Breeders
0:47 Bliss finds hanging dolls in her locker at school, she walks up the stairs and knocks Corby off the stairs.
Pot Kettle Black Song Available on Rdio Tilly and the Wall
0:50 After the coach gives the other team play 3, the hurl scouts take play 4 and start to win.
I Predict a Riot Song Available on Rdio Kaiser Chiefs
0:51 The hurl scouts use 'the whip' to win the game.
High Times Landon Pigg
0:53 After the hurl scouts win their first game. Montage of Bliss hanging out with Oliver. Montage of them winning games.
Il Trovatare: Di Quella Pira Giuseppe Verdi
0:59 Plays during the food fight
Your Arms Around Me Jens Lekman
1:03 Song when Bliss and Oliver make out in the pool and undress each other underwater.
No Surprises Song Available on Rdio Radiohead
1:04 Oliver drives Bliss home. She removes her top and gives it to him. He does the same with his jacket.
When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog Song Available on Rdio Jens Lekman
1:11 Song after Bliss calls Oliver and Pash after she finds out her age. Pash kisses Birdman.
ZZZPenchant Song Available on Rdio Rafter
1:13 Bliss tells the roller derby team she is 17 at the bar.
Blue Turning Grey Song Available on Rdio Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
1:22 Pash tells Bliss she got into some colleges. They burn Oliver's jacket.
1:24 At the pageant. The hurl scouts show up and surprise Bliss. They take her to the roller derby final.
Heart in a Cage Song Available on Rdio The Strokes
1:29 The final for the roller derby begins.
Crown of Age The Ettes
1:31 The derby final. During the 2nd run, they attempt play number 4 and go into half time tied.
Cannonball Song Available on Rdio The Breeders
1:33 Song after half time at the derby final. Smashley goes out and picks up three points.
The Power is On The Go! Team
1:35 The final run of the roller derby. Iron Maven vs. Babe Ruthless. Holy Rollers win.
Doing It Right The Go! Team
1:36 After the Holy Rollers win the championship final.
Breeze Apollo Sunshine
1:42 Song as Earl hammers in a sign for Babe Ruthless in his front yard. Movie finishes with Bliss sitting on top of the oink joint diner.
Lollipop Song Available on Rdio The Chordettes
1:43 1st song in end credits.
28 Lorene Scafaria
1:46 2nd song in end credits.
Never My Love Har Mar Superstar
1:49 3rd song in end credits.
Simple Minds Nick Glennie-Smith
59 Miles to Jacksonville Tommy Joe White
Texas Was the Last Joe Fitzpatrick and Wayne Perry
Manipulation Song Available on Rdio The Black Angels
Scratch Steven Baber
High Voltage Song Available on Rdio Eagles of Death Metal
Melt! Steven Bingley-Ellison
The Queen of All Returns Song Available on Rdio Dead Meadow
In Ear Park Department of Eagles
I'm Housin' Song Available on Rdio EPMD
Once Again Song Available on Rdio Squeak E. Clean
Sea of Time Curtis Knight and The Zodiacs
Wrap it Up Whitey
Black Gloves Song Available on Rdio Goose
Fun Dream Love Dream Turbo Fruits
Get Up Get Down (Tonite) Turbo Fruits
I'm Your Torpedo Song Available on Rdio Eagles of Death Metal
You're Not Waitin' At Home Anymore Ricky Calmbach
Dilon Cadence Studio Musicians
Super Theme Squeak E. Clean
Know How Song Available on Rdio Young MC
Hold On Song Available on Rdio Wilson Phillips


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