The Big Lebowski (1998) Soundtrack 

Original Music Carter Burwell
Credited Songs 30 Songs
Contributor tomm098 level 5   admin
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Complete List of Songs

Tumbling Tumbleweeds    Sons of the Pioneers
Movie opens, camera follows a tumbleweed. The narrator is talking about 'The Dude' and Las Angeles   
The Man In Me    1 Bob Dylan
0:05 Title appears. At the bowling alley. Shots of different people bowling.   
Mucha Muchacha    Esquivel
0:14 'The Dude' finds Bunny painting her toes by the pool.   
I Hate You    The Monks
0:16 Playing at the bowling alley during a league game. Smokey steps over the line, Walter tells him to mark it zero and pulls out his gun.   
Requiem in D Minor    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
0:21 The 'Dude' Lebowski arrives at The rich Lebowski's house. He is waiting by the fire. He informs the 'Dude' that Bunny was   
Hotel California    The Gipsy Kings
0:24 Jesus bowls in his purple suit. He licks the bowling ball first.   
Run Through The Jungle    Creedence Clearwater Revival
0:33 The Dude and Walter make the drop off. This song plays in the car. Walter jumps out of the car.   
Traffic Boom    Piero Piccioni
0:43 The theme from the porno Maude shows The Dude   
Looking Out My Back Door    Creedence Clearwater Revival
1:02 Playing in the Dude's car after he gets it back.   
Oye Como Va    Santana
1:10 They drive home with fast food burgers, after Walter destroys the strangers car.   
Ataypura    Yma Sumac
1:11 They are throwing up a topless woman at Jackie Treehorns house.   
Lujon    Henry Mancini
1:13 The dude is talking with Jacky Treehorn. Jacky takes a call.   
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)    Kenny Rogers and The First Edition
1:17 Jacky has a surreal dream about bowling and Maude, after Jacky Treehorn drugs him.   
Peaceful Easy Feeling    Eagles
1:22 Playing in the Taxi cab, when the dude says he hates the Eagles. The driver kicks him out.   
Viva Las Vegas    Richard Johnson
1:23 Bunny is singing to this song in her car.   
I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good    Nina Simone
1:24 Maude and the Dude lie in bed together. They talk about Maude's father while The Dude makes himself a drink   
Dead Flowers    Townes van Zandt
1:44 After they scatter Donnies ashes. Shots of the bowling alley. The cowboy narrates and the song plays into the credits.   
Branded Theme Song    Alan Alch and Dominic Frontiere
Behave Yourself    Booker T. and The M.G.s
Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles    Captain Beefheart
Piacere Sequence    Teo Usuelli
Gluck Das Mir Verblieb From The Opera Die Tote Stadt    Ilona Steingruber, Anton Dermota and The Austrian State Radio Orchestra
My Mood Swings    Elvis Costello
Pictures At An Exhibition    Modest Mussorgsky
Stamping Ground    Moondog with Orchestra
Tammy    Debbie Reynolds
Standing On The Corner    Dean Martin
Walking Song    Meredith Monk
We Venerate Thy Cross    The Rustavi Choir

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Questions (1) Ask Question

conanthelibrarian level 1 | 7 months ago
So in The Big Lebowski, there is another song that plays after Lujon while the Dude is at Jackie Treehorn's house. Any idea what it is?
TheUglyTuna level 1 | 2 months ago
Piacere Sequence is played just before the Dude blacks out.