• Up In the Air Soundtrack

  • Film Release Dec 4th 2009
  • Composer Rolfe Kent
  • Views 16k

Complete List of Songs

0:01 Movie starts, first song. Opening titles with overhead shots.
0:43 Montage of Ryan and Natalie traveling and firing people
0:54 At the Alpha tech party they crash into in Miami
Bust A Move
0:55 Young MC performing at the Alpha Tech Party
Good Times
0:55 When Ryan,Alex,Natalie start dancing at the tech party
Angel in the Snow
1:17 Ryan shows around his old school to Alex
Help Yourself
1:25 Montage of the wedding and the dance.
1:28 Ryan is shown how to fire people over the internet while he is preparing himself for Goal Quest XX.
Thank You Lord
1:31 Ryan walks out of his Goal Quest XX speech to visit Alex back at her home.
The Snow Before Us
1:42 Montage of confessions of fired people. Ryan is on the road again.
Be Yourself
1:44 1st song in end credits
Up in the Air
1:46 2nd song in end credits.
Time After Time
When Alex and ryan were talking at the tech party after the young MC performance
Julie's Wedding Reception
Lonely in Love
When Natalie speaks to her bf on the phone and refers to clooney as "I don't think of him like that, He's old"
At the beginning of the Detroit Scene

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