• Boogie Nights Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 31st 1997
  • Composer Michael Penn
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Complete List of Songs

Best of My Love
First song at club. Maurice dances with Buck, Reed and Becky. Jack stares at Eddie.
0:04 Little Bill talks to Jack about their schedule. Jack goes into the kitchen to talk to Eddie.
Fly, Robin, Fly
0:06 Jack leaves the kitchen and this song is played very quickly
Jazz Theme From Sweet (The Sage)
0:07 Jack puts music on when he arrives home with Amber.
0:11 Eddie looks at himself in the mirror and does karate moves.
Off the Road
0:15 Buck tests a hi-fi stereo system to the customer, but fails to sell it after playing a country song in it that echoes his cowboy look.
Afternoon Delight
0:17 Eddie tells Sheryl that he plans on becoming a star.
0:19 Rollergirl skates across the dance floor to the kitchen. She takes Eddie into a store room and does a blow job on him.
Brand New Key
0:25 Rollergirl plays the song and removes her dress. Jack watches Eddie have sex with her.
Mama Told Me Not To Come
0:28 Jack introduces Eddie to all his friends by the pool. Eddie starts to bond with Reed.
0:30 Jack meets with the Colonel. Becky tells Buck he needs to get a new look. Maurice asks Amber to be in a movie. Eddie and Reed play in the pool.
0:34 Maurice is talking to Buck. He gets a call from Amber's son who is looking for her. Amber snorts cocaine as she watches Eddie jump into the pool.
Fooled Around and Fell in Love
0:36 Little Bill sees a group of people watching his wife having sex on the ground. He walks up and complains about it to Kurt.
You Sexy Thing
0:39 Scotty J arrives at the pool party. Jack calls Eddie over and the Colonel asks to see his penis.
I Want To Be Free
0:42 Reed is telling a poem in the hot tub in which Eddie says it\'s good. Jack enters the tub and they discuss Eddie\'s new porn name.
0:55 Rollergirl takes a photo of everyone. Dirk buys some new clothes and shoes. He tests them out on the dance floor. Buck and Reed talk about Star Wars.
0:57 Instrumental version plays as Jack reads out the rave reviews of Dirk's performance. Dirk shows off his dances moves in the club.
Magnet and Steel
1:00 Dirk, Reed and Jack talk about ideas inside the minibus. Dirk is winning many awards.
Craft Service Theme
1:01 Dirk wins his next award.
1:04 Dirk and Reed star in a Brock Landers film together. The song also plays in the documentary.
Got To Give It Up
1:05 Dirk shows off his new material belongings to Amber by describing his couches, floors, walls and his car.
1:08 Dirks wins another award.
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now
1:09 First song in the New Year's Eve party. Becky and Jerome meet.
1:10 Floyd introduces some new and upcoming actors to the Colonel. Amber tells Dirk she loves him and they both snort cocaine. Todd arrives to the party.
Feel Too Good
1:15 Floyd and Jack talk about the future of videotapes. Scotty J shows Dirk his new car and then tries to kiss him.
1:20 While everybody goes inside, Little Bill finds his wife with another man. He retrieves a gun and kills both of them before commiting suicide.
Disco Fever
1:24 First song in the documentary Amber made for Dirk.
Flying Object
1:25 Second song in the documentary.
Data World
1:25 Third song in the documentary.
Queen of Hearts
1:28 Dirk tells Amber her directing was good after they watched the short. Jack receives a call from the Colonel, who is now in jail.
It's Just A Matter of Time
1:32 Becky marries Jerome. Jack introduces Dirk to Johnny. The next scene shifts to 1983 where Dirk and Todd ignore Rollergirl while snorting cocaine.
1:39 Two months after his firing due to having a fallout with Jack, Dirk pursues a music career.
1:40 Dirk records his second song in the recording studio with Reed.
Compared to What
1:41 Jack starts a new film with Johnny. Amber talks to Rollergirl about missing her son. Buck tries to get a loan. Dirk and Reed fight to get a record contract.
O Little Town of Bethlehem
2:02 Buck picks up doughnuts at the doughnut shop when the theif starts holding a hostage.
Sister Christian
2:08 Dirk, Reed and Todd go to Rahad Jackon\'s house to buy $5,000 worth. He starts playing russian roulette. Very intense scene.
2:12 Rahad sings the song. Dirk and Reed want to leave the house, but Todd wants to stay and steal the drugs which leads into a gun fight.
99 Luftballons
2:15 Dirk and Reed tried to escape as they argue with Todd before Rahad shoots him with a shotgun. He then starts chasing Dirk and Reed down the street.
God Only Knows
2:20 Amber films an ad for Buck\'s store. Rollergirl takes an exam. The Colonel is in prison. Maurice opens a new club. Reed does magic.
Voices Carry
2:23 Jack tells Rollergirl, who is listening to the song on her walkman, to clean up her room.
2:25 Dirk finishes practicing the lines for his next film and leaves the dressing room. The song continues during the end credits.
An instrumental version is played a couple times in the film.

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