• The Blind Side Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 20th 2009
  • Composer Carter Burwell
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Complete List of Songs

0:01 First song, Leigh (Bullock) is narrating the football game.
0:03 Michael is being investigated, Opening credits. Michael is driving through various neighborhoods to a school.
0:30 Leigh (Bullock) drives Michael back to his home. He tells her not to get out of the car.
0:39 The Tuohy family are driving with Michael out to dinner. This song plays on the radio.
Trouble With Me
0:48 Leigh asks Collins if Michael being in the house upsets her. This song is playing in her room.
Bust A Move
1:05 Michael and SJ sing Bust a Move in the car.
1B12 Overture (Finale) Ringtone
1:16 Coach Burts ringtone when Leigh calls him.
1:23 Song when SJ sends officials the CD of Michael in the game. All of them want him.
Going Up The Country
2:03 During the NFL draft where Michael is selected.
2:04 First end credits song.
Southern Voice
2:06 Second song during end credits.
'Eric Apologizes' from "A Walk to Remember"
Dry No Olives
The Way It Was
Football Funk
Not So Bad Marching Band
Money Ain't a Thang

Official Soundtrack

The Blind Side Official Soundtrack
1 To Protect His Blind Side Carter Burwell
2 Cello Song The Books & José González
3 All Things Possible / Your Father Carter Burwell
4 Osmosis Carter Burwell
5 The Hang Of It Carter Burwell
6 Unsquare Dance The Dave Brubeck Quartet
7 Eviction Carter Burwell
8 Summer Training Carter Burwell
9 Moms Carter Burwell
10 Thank Me Later Carter Burwell
11 Part Of The Family Carter Burwell
12 The First Game Carter Burwell
13 Gridiron Machine Carter Burwell
14 Inspired Play Carter Burwell
15 Taming Lions Carter Burwell
16 The Art Of Recruiting Carter Burwell
17 The Light Brigade Carter Burwell
18 Michael Graduates Carter Burwell
19 It's Your Life Carter Burwell
20 My Son Michael Carter Burwell
21 Going Up The Country Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Canned Heat
22 Chances Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Five for Fighting

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