• The Blind Side Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 20th 2009
  • Composer Carter Burwell
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Complete List of Songs

0:01 First song, Leigh (Bullock) is narrating the football game.
0:03 Michael is being investigated, Opening credits. Michael is driving through various neighborhoods to a school.
0:30 Leigh (Bullock) drives Michael back to his home. He tells her not to get out of the car.
0:39 The Tuohy family are driving with Michael out to dinner. This song plays on the radio.
Trouble With Me
0:48 Leigh asks Collins if Michael being in the house upsets her. This song is playing in her room.
Bust A Move
1:05 Michael and SJ sing Bust a Move in the car.
1B12 Overture (Finale) Ringtone
1:16 Coach Burts ringtone when Leigh calls him.
1:23 Song when SJ sends officials the CD of Michael in the game. All of them want him.
Going Up The Country
2:03 During the NFL draft where Michael is selected.
2:04 First end credits song.
Southern Voice
2:06 Second song during end credits.
'Eric Apologizes' from "A Walk to Remember"
Dry No Olives
The Way It Was
Football Funk
Not So Bad Marching Band
Money Ain't a Thang

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