• Get Him to the Greek Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 30th 2009
  • Composer Lyle Workman
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Complete List of Songs

Personality Crisis
Aldous and Aaron arrive in New York for the today show.
Inside Of You
Sergio is watching Aldous perform live at work. He tells Aaron that Aldous wants to do the show.
African Child (Trapped in Me)
0:01 First song as Aldous Snow sings in his music video.
Supertight (ft. Aldous Snow)
0:03 Jackie Q's first music video during her interview at the start of the movie.
0:05 Aldous Snow goes 'off the wagon' as we see him misbehave in the papers and on TV.
0:08 Aaron (Jonah Hill) drives to work at the start of the movie.
Fuck Your Shit Up
0:14 Sergio (P Diddy) plays this song after listening to Aarons idea.
And Ghosted Pouts
0:15 Aaron shows his girlfriend, Daphne, who 'The Mars Volta' are, by playing this song for her.
London Calling
0:21 After Aaron has a fight with his girlfriend. Aaron flies to London to pick up Aldous Snow.
Another Girl, Another Planet
0:25 Aaron is forced to have lunch with Aldous and his friends at a pub. Contines at club when Aaron meets Tom Felton (Draco).
Strict Machine
0:26 Aaron is at a bar with Aldous and he interrupts him while kissing a girl to try to get him to leave.
Chocolate Daddy
0:27 Aaron has sex with the blonde girl in the toilet.
Anarchy in the U.K.
0:28 Montage as Aaron parties with Aldous. He gets him to the hotel before Aaron throws up.
Blind Medicine
0:32 The theme song to Sarah Marshall's show, 'Blind Medicine'
0:39 Aldous plays this song at the today show after he forgets the lyrics to 'African Child'.
Love Today
0:41 Aldous and Aaron go jogging after snorting cocaine.
Heureux Tous Les Doux (Happy Together)
0:45 After Aaron and Aldous drink Absinthe. They party on the dance floor and wander the streets.
0:46 Aaron accidently calls Daphne while he's talking to a girl in the club.
Cretin Hop
0:50 Aldous and Aaron are riding in the limo to the airport but Aldous pulls over to get a 'pretzel' (drugs).
Stop Drop and Roll
0:57 Aaron and Aldous arrive in Las Vegas, Aldous is trying to remove the drugs from Aaron's body.
Fuck Me I'm Famous
0:59 Aaron gets a car ride with the drug dealer to buy Aldous heroin.
Ring 'Round
1:00 Aldous is watching Jackie Q's video clip.
Ain't That a Kick In the Head
1:01 Aldous and Aaron go too see a show in Las Vegas.
Girls on the Dance Floor (ft. 24/8)
1:03 Playing at the strip club when Aldous goes with his dad.
Can't We Be Friends
1:04 Sergio is talking to Aldous in their Las Vegas apartment. Sergio tells Destiny to have sex with Aaron.
1:14 Playing in the Vegas apartment. They're all high on 'jefferies'. Aldous gives Aaron an adrenaline shot.
20th Century Boy
1:16 Aaron and Aldous run out of the hotel while Sergio chases them through the streets.
Yeah Yeah Oi Oi
1:18 During the ride through the Vegas desert. Aaron is being strange in the car. (6 Hours until the Concert)
Touch My Body
1:28 Aldous, Aaron and Daphne have a threesome to this song.
1:39 The first song Aldous sings at the concert at the greek.
Bangers, Beans and Mash
1:41 The second song Aldous sings at the greek.
1:45 Aldous plays this at for the crowd on 'storytellers'.
1:48 First song during end credits.
Magnolia Soul
Mama Made Me a Pimp
T'Ain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)
Ghosts n Stuff

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