• Clockstoppers Soundtrack

  • Film Release Mar 29th 2002
  • Composer Jamshied Sharifi
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Complete List of Songs

Never Let You Go
Song when Zak arrives at Francesca\'s house.
Song when Zak and Meeker arrive at school.
Time After Time
Francesca decides to come with Zak.
All the Small Things
Opening credits. Zak rides his bike around town.
Time Is Ticking Out
Zak's dad tells him about the hypertime project.
Holiday In My Head
Zak tries to hit on Francesca at the rock climbing wall AND 1st song in end credits.
It's The Weekend
Kelly is listening to this song when Zak comes home.
The Minute I Met You
Francesca gives Zak her number.
First Date
Song when Zak and Francesca run amok in hypertime.
Know My Name
Meeker DJ's (Badly) at the club.
Zak, Francesca, and Meeker drive home from the club.
Zak kicks Meeker out of the car.
Bohemian Like You
Zak skates home after kissing Francesca.
The Worst Day Ever
Zak calls Meeker after escaping the hospital.
Space to Share
Zak breaks into Francesca's room.
A Song For Everyone
Song at the end of movie. Zak and Francesca drive away.

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